Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day printable coloring cards

I was planning to write a post telling you about a couple of random things. All those random things are what is happening in my life right now… a BUNCH of different things. In that way maybe you could take a peek on my brain and see how this head is “working”. Well, I start writing the post, and was SOOO random, almost embarrassing.
I decided to skip the crazy writing and just share with you something more fun. Let’s print these cards and paint Valentines cards with your kids (or by yourself)!

Click here to download the PDF file with both designs



A lot more fun than reading my random thoughts ;)
Happy Thursday!


We Blog Artists said...

They're adorable Valentina!!!
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

thank you - owl always be your friend!!

amylee weeks said...

oh what fun! thank you so much for providing. my girls and i will have a blast coloring these! ;-)

Denice said...

Love these, thank you!

Amanda said...

These are so cute! You are so talented!! My daughters want me to print them out so they can color them, but the link isn't working. :-( Can it be fixed?