Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Banner

I make a little makeover here in my blog because I *THINK* my blog should look a little bit like my site, right? At least that is what I say to my clients regarding keeping the same image ;)
OK. Today is a pretty busy day here. I have to: get a haircut, go to Kinkos, stop by the postal office, go to Michaels, check something in Best Buy, pick up some stuff in Office Max and back home to finish a website (AND is raining!). Before I hit the street I have to tell you I have free shipping in my shop until today.

Have a great day and see you soon! ;)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

I’m not a Mondays girl, but this day have been great so far ;) Check this out, I have been featured in one of my favorites blogs, S.HOPtalk. Thanks!!
I have been working like crazy in the past days getting ready for some shows + taking care of my design business.
These is my life in pictures (BTW, sorry the bad pictures, I’m not so good with the camera and plus have been raining dogs and cats in this town)
1.- Working in new drawings
2.- Finishing my new calendars
3.- Working in a new collection of ACEOs
4.- Designing logos

5.- Working in some new prints
Busy-Happy girl!
See you soon! ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last weekend I decide (in my mind!) to write in my blog every single morning… as you can see, is not happening! BUT I honestly have all the good intentions ;) Right now I have to work in 2 websites and one logo (and of course I KNOW I can’t do all in one day!). As soon I finish at least part of those projects, I’ll back with more interesting things.
For now…

See you later!

Monday, September 15, 2008

End of Summer?

Early this morning I was reading K. Barteski Blog (I love her work and her blog is great!) and I got jealous. I don’t think my tropical body can survive winter in Canada but I NEED FALL PEOPLE! Miami is cool. Yes, but 84° F (feels like 97° with 80% of humidity) IS NOT FUN. Enough of Summer, ok? And the worst part? Honestly we don’t have Fall, indeed I don’t think we have Winter. I look forward for Christmas up North!!!
Ok. No more complains about beautiful Miami's weather :)I have a couple of more interesting notes here.
First, I watched a lot of Football games during the weekend and I manage to enjoy the games and also work in some new artwork! I’ll publish these ones in my shop soon:
And… I decide to have a super duper offer for the rest of September!
I’m off to work in some new products for my shop.
See you soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The boy came back last night. That means he will own the TV all weekend. That means I'm going to watch ALL the Football games. No complains ;)
Ahhh and here the last to prints I made.

Happy Weekend!
See you soon :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Drawings :)

Finally the Seeds are in my shop :)

Last days I have been working in new design to put inside a shadow box. Sorry the pictures but I’m learning how to use the camera :P I *LOVE* the 3D drawings but I’m not sure if I’m in love with the quality of the shadow box. I have to think what I’m going to do with that ;) I have 2 other boxes ready for new art!

I’m feeling I’m going to have 2 pretty busy months ahead. I’m going to be(I mean MY ART is going to be) in >Craftland (YUPIIIIIII!) and I’m going to consignment some of my ArtWork in other Holiday show in Canada. Also I have a craft show next Saturday (Sept 20) here in Miami AND I’ll be in >Stitch Rock in October :S
A lot of things to do!! And I *LOVE* that!
See you soon J

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Prints!

I have been working in the new calendars design. This year I *THINK* I only will have 6 different designs. I totally fall in love with 2 of the designs I made during the weekend and now I decide to used in some original prints ;) (check my shop!)
And also I want to create some design to customize with names:) Is a "baby boom" around me right now (no me, thanks) and think is a great idea to create something like this to all those babies rooms!. What you think?

Off to finish Calendar #6
See you soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

These weekend is going to be really busy in this town ;) Looks like next week I’ll have a little hurricane near my backyard and that means I have to be ready! And with be ready I mean I have to prepare what I’m going to do if we don’t have power! The only good thing is NOW we have a generator, and that rocks. The bad thing is I don’t have idea how to run the generator and I’m going to be alone because the boy is still up in Ohio! Hopefully I can always count with my wonderful neighbors ;) Indeed we got a HUGE generator thinking in run the electricity in both houses. At least I know if something happens (with the power) my fridge and AC will be working and I can use candles to work my crafts. So my plan this weekend is do everything I have to do in my computer (like finish the calendars) and Monday I can send all to print. If Ike comes during the week I can have all ready to just cut and pack calendars.

Now I have to run because I have a “virtual” family party tonight ;) My sister, BIL and parents will call tonight via Skype!

Before I leave I want to show you something. Usually I send a blank card (with one of my designs) in each one of the orders I get. Today I decide to design a postcard (blank in the back) to include a couple in the orders, I hope people liked!
Here the front:

Have a great weekend and see you soon ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Working again!

I’m back! I had the most relaxing and great vacations ever (I said the same after each vacation!) The Lake is beautiful and everything is perfectly quiet. My BF’s family stayed the holiday weekend with us, and like always we had a blast! Football, food, drinks and laughs the whole weekend. I can’t believe I only gained 3 pounds :S (not fun!) but after all the food and drinks, IS NOTHING!
I took a more pictures, but they are in my BF camera and he is still up there :S. I came back before because somebody have to work, right?
What you think about the lake? Is not perfect??
My sketch book and pen had great time too… inside my suitcase! Miraculously I managed to finish 2 whole drawings there. But I least I came back with my mind really clear and ready to design madness!
Here the pictures of the new drawings ;)
Tonight I’ll finish other of this “seeds” drawings and in the meantime I’ll watch Eli playing ;) YES, I love football!

See you soon!