Thursday, July 24, 2008

No words

I talk a lot. I know that. I can’t believe I don’t have much to say today! At least I have some pictures of my new drawings.
See you soon! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thinking in fabrics

I have been long time dreaming with design fabrics. Last week finally I decide to try Spoonflower and I sent 4 designs to see how they look.
Hopefully they will send me the swatches of these designs this week. I’m sooo happy!

Also I have a cool screen print kit the boy gave me for Christmas and still I haven’t used! :S Today I made this little design (now is a print in my shop too) and I’ll screen print a tote bag this weekend… Is going to be fun!
What you think?
Tonight is going to be really busy here in super duper crafty town. I have around 10 blank notebooks (8.5 x 5) I bought for my Art Journals project, but now I’m hand-bounding the Art Journals and I have to do something with the blank notebooks, right? Tonight I’ll create collages and original drawing to cover the notebooks ;) Tomorrow I will list some in my Etsy. Busy night.

See you soon ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Please, don’t think I’m great Monday’s Person. Not at all, but I’m trying my super best to keep the optimist for a new great week. Is really funny but I can feel ill every Monday and I mean physically ill like I’m getting a bad cold... and you can beat by Tuesday morning I’m PERFECT. Mondays....
Ok. I have a few pictures and things to share:
1.- I have been working in this little project every night while watching TV. Now I got some sheets of Rice Paper because I’m dreaming in create my own lamps. What you think?

2.- These are the last drawings I made. I love the tree with colors. I think looks pretty cool. Tomorrow I’ll create some prints base on those drawings and everything should be online this week.
3.- My sweet little brother went to Peru 3 weeks ago to climb couple of mountains. I believe he is plain nuts. I prefer to don’t think and/or remember when he is in one of those trip because I can have the worst nightmares ever. I love him, and I’m sooo happy he is safe at home right now.
The first picture is the Chopicalqui (6354 mt) and the second is him (at the left) and his friend at the top of Nevado Pisco (5752 mt)
Crazy, right???
4.- Is pretty hot down here in Miami, but still I feel this crazy urge to go out and take a walk :S Maybe is a good idea, in that way I can shake (sweat!) this Monday Sickness.
See you soon! ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Non-typical day

I’m a really positive-good mood girl. REALLY. I can handle a lot of things and I was thinking I developed a huge patience in the last 5 years. BIG LIE. Today I have been really grumpy and in the worst mood. Unfortunately I realize I enjoy my time ALONE at home working during the day. I enjoy the possibility to don’t have noise around, in that way I can hear my thoughts :P. I get used to my own rituals and perfect quiet life style (until the boy comes home after work).
Today the noise around me was unbelievable. People, phone calls, the guy cutting the grass, TV way to loud…
I have (again) to practice breathing techniques to chill out and don’t go crazy when you have unexpected visitors at home and people whom don’t respect your space and life AT ALL.
So.. the case is I’m not the most productive-creative girl under stressful situations and I’m falling with my deadlines again. I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday and I couldn’t accomplish one of my biggest projects!
I guess this girl will spend the weekend designing and working ;)
At least today I had a little clarity in some point of the day and had the chances to add 2 new prints to my shop!
Tomorrow, George (the landscaping guy) is not coming. GREAT.
Tomorrow I will turn off my phone.
Tomorrow I’ll lock myself in my bedroom with my art supplies and don’t pay attention to the visitors :P
Tomorrow is going to be GOOD.

See you soon! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here in Miami...

Back in Town. Is pretty grey and a lot of rain here right now but NO WORRIES because this land (and my plants!) need some water to survive Miami’ Summer.
What happens and what is going on
1.- My vacation time was FANTASTIC :) I have a beautiful red-brown tan right now ;)
2.- I went to Wrightsville Beach, North Caroline. As soon I got my handy map I realize Myrtle Beach is in South Caroline :P Ops!
3.- We stopped in Savannah, Georgia (BEATIFUL) and spent one night in Tybee Island. Good drinks ;)
4.- We went to the Fort Pulaski (and my Dad should feel proud of me)

5.- We went sailing last weekend here in Miami. As you can see the day was GREY.

6.- I have been working in some new prints and original drawings for my shop.
I have some original drawings ready but due the weather I don’t have proofs for you right now ;) For now you just can enjoy the prints!

My (short) vacations was a good time to think about what I want to do and how to focus in my new projects but unfortunately I came back and I feel my head blur again. I don’t like this feeling but I guess is for the weather (yeahh right...). I have million of new ideas and projects to design and develop and I just have to find the way to concentrate and organize myself. Easy to say, right???
I was checking Jenn Ski’s blog (I *LOVE* her work) and I found this post. Maybe I should do something like that because I’m getting mad at myself for don’t complete/follow my projects.

As soon I find the best way to stop wasting time and work in my projects I *PROMISE* I’ll give you the magic recipe:)
Off to work in some collages and to watch Project Runway.. YUPIIIIIII!!!
See you soon ;)