Thursday, September 22, 2011

More fabrics... More pillow covers...

Remember the Pillow Covers I showed you in the last post? Well, again, I really think the quality is awesome and I think the price and the shipping is pretty fair, BUT people sometimes feel a little bit intimidated because the prices are in Euros. To fix that little "problem" I was thinking in make and sell my own pillow cases in my Etsy shop. That was a great plan, until I realize I don't have an idea how to sew :P And yes, of course I can learn, but seriously? Do I really need one more project on my table?

Well, after a little brainstorm, I decided to sell fabrics with my original designs in 18x18 square size. Soooo... now you can get a square piece of my fabric, and you can make your own pillow cover! And of course, you can use the fabric for whatever you want...Hair accessories, button covers, quilting, fabric flowers, bags, collages and more!



You can see all the designs in my Etsy shop.

Hope you like my idea!

Happy Thursday :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovely pillow covers

I ordered some pillow covers at Envelop and I cant be more happy. LOVE IT. The quality and finish is really good. Both sizes are printed full color and had a hidden zipper. I'm really happy!.

My Pillow covers!


The question is: Should I leave the pillows in the living room and let Mr. Harper to use it or I should keep these cute things safe in my studio? ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mona Lisa...valentina's style ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation to participate in a group gallery show. The them of the show as an Ode to the Mona Lisa. Each artist had to paint their own interpretation of the Mona Lisa. I found the challenge really interesting and I was wondering how I was going to paint the Mona Lisa's face! Really scary business ;)
I'm not a fine artist at all. I consider myself a graphic artist and portraits are not my strong point. But I had to give it a try, right?
I decided to paint a Mon Lisa using Art Nouveau inspiration. I know portraits are not my "thing" but organic forms,intricate systems of lines, ornaments and details are my cup of tea ;)
Here is my "Hallelujah Mona Lisa" (Acrylic and ink on 12x12 canvas)
I really had fun working in this piece

Hallelujah Mona Lisa

Hallelujah Mona Lisa

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nothing is impossible... Free print!

in dreams and in life...

I really believe it...
Click on the image to download your free PDF file, print it and believe it ;)

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One drawing, different products

I usually spent a lot of time in each one of my drawings. For that reason I'm always looking for the best way to optimize my time and use each creations in different mediums and products. And it's fun because you have ONE drawing and you have to think how and what you can change to use and reuse (it's this the correct word?) that image. Usually my brain is always spinning thinking in what else I can do ;)
Do you want to see how many things I do with one drawing?

OK. Here we go...

First, everything star with my dear pen and a piece of paper. I usually use water color paper to make my original drawing, but sometimes I just use whatever I found here on my table.

Feather Heaven

After that, I scan the drawing and with TONS of patience I add the color using illustrator (after I vectorized the scanned image).
When the image is ready with the colors, Mr. Harper pick the name. And with that I made:

1.- Prints, t-shirt, iphone and laptops skins on my Society6 shop

Feather Heaven

2.- Super cool Duvet Cover (Andrew and I gave this one to my mother in law for her birthday... she love it!).


Feather Heaven Duvet

3.- The same drawing in black and white can look awesome in Shower Curtains (and other things, right?)


4.- And if I take out the flowers and other details, and only use "The Bird", I have other artwork!


5.- You can crop part of your drawing. And using other color scheme, create a totally new image.


6.- And last but no least, I create a pattern with the drawing to be use in last week Spoonflower contsest ;)

Feather Heaven

One drawing... many options ;)

I will go and check all my old drawings and see how I can reuse it to create new things. It's fun... GO and do the same ;) You don't think it's a good idea?

Happy Thursday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New product and giveaway!

Hello Hello, how are you?
I have something new to show you ;)
Now you can get jackets for your iPad, Kindle and Nook with my designs! You can find these lovely things at


And right now M-Edge is having a super super giveaway in their facebook page! You want to win a FREE Jacket for your iPad, Kindle, or Nook with one of my designs?

Follow M-Edge and 'like' your favorite design in my new photo album to be entered for a chance to win! (click here to go to the facebook album and "like" your favorite design)

iPad jackets

Winner will be chosen at random on 9/20 at 12pm EST

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spoonflower + Canvas Prints!

First, THANK YOU so much for your comments and ideas regarding what I should do with my blog. I’m sooo excited about the new plans and looking forward to share tons of things with you. I love to make these kind of plans because it’s a GREAT motivation to do new things and set new challenges. It’s going to be fun ;)

Well, before leaving you for the weekend, I want to share a couple of things.
Because I’m a super persistent person, I entered again in one of those awesome Spoonflower contest! I guess if I work hard and keep doing; maybe someday I’ll win the first place!
This week theme was birds… well, if the theme is birds, I have to be there, right?
The only tricky thing was the colors. They let you use the restricted palette (black, white, blue -greenish color + a color of your choice. Let me tell you something, I made my design and I was SUPER PROUD of it. Indeed I was silly enough to tell my husband that designs was a winner. Yeah.. .that was just before I saw all the others design in the competition. Holy Cannoli! I could believe how many cool designs entered in that contest. Speechless beautiful stuff, seriously!
I still love my design, and of course, I hope you like it too.

Feather Heaven

You want to give your vote? Well, you can do it here!
And last but not least, I want to let you know I upload tons of new prints on 8x10 canvas in my shop! I love these little things :)

Canvas 8x10

Check my shop to see the details.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!!
Get ready for next week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hello there!

Hi! you remember me? Well, good news, I'm *ALMOST* back ;)
I have been pretty busy with tons of things and trying to figure out the "next step" for my blog. I was planning a long post telling you my ideas, my plans, asking you what you think, etc... but I think will be boring.
In a nutshell, I want to make this blog a more "inspiring" place. I want you come here to see what I doing, but also to get tips, help, ideas, to ask me questions, to share what are you doing... and more!

Well.. that is want I want to do :) And I think will be fun and good!

Sounds like a good idea?
What you will want to see in this blog?
What you will want to learn here?

Something good is going to happen!