Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Fish

The Windisch-Hunt Gallery, here in Coconut Grove, FL is having a "Mail Art" exhibition in February. To participate, you just have to send and envelope with art ;) I thought the ideas was great and of course I wanted to participate. I took one of my 9 x 12 plain envelopes and draw a fish. I really *LOVE* my envelope BUT I made a HUGE mistake. For some crazy reason I never checked the “requirements” of this exhibition and just last night I realize they were asking for 5 x 7 envelopes. Ops!.
So… here is how my envelope looks right now:

(The orange circles are the spots where I *WAS* planning to put my address and the gallery address)
And now I have to figurate out the way to create a 5 x 7 envelope with this funky thing ;)
I promise to share the finally product picture ;)
Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Perfect Town

I was so happy last week with the weather… soooo happy. A little chilly, nice sunny, beautiful blue sky. PERFECT. Now, that is OVER. Ok, no 100% over but near, really near. I can’t complaint AT ALL because is a lot of people freezing right now and I understand a lot of people would love to live and play here in Miami. Don’t get me wrong, I love Miami, I mean I *LOVE* Coconut Grove (where I live) but this girl dream with live some day in a magic place like this one ;)
I made this drawing to use in my homepage and today I made the digital colored version.
When my sister saw the drawing, she thought is a perfect mix between a little village in Venezuela called Colonia Tovar and the beach. And I think my little sis is a genius, because that will be FANTASTIC!

Time to stop dreaming with the perfect and back to my paints!
See you soon :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More love...

... in my shop ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday!

I’m getting really worry. I woke up today and realize IS MONDAY, can somebody tell me what happen with the weekend? Oiisschhh… those 2 little days passed really fast!. At least I feel I make some progress in the sweet-big project I have in my hands now ;)

Here a little sneak peek… You don’t think all those colors together warm your heart?
Happy week to everybody!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love is in the air

Yes, love is in the “air”… I mean in this fantastic Miami weather. OMG! I wish to have this weather and days “at least” 3 moths per year. Sunny, blue sly and 56 F. *HEAVEN*
I took these pictures today walking down the street I live.

And this is me in my daily typical look running earrings. I do everything walking because I’m really lucky and I live walking distant to the Post Office, bank, grocery store, etc. Is not great?

And in honor of the big love I’m feeling right now I draw these trees. They are new and fresh in my Shop. And last but not least, I want to share these links with you!
1.- I’m exhibiting at paper n stitch . You have to check all those amazing artist there. I love that site!
You can check here my exhibition.
2.- PurplePinkandOrange launched the Valentine's Day Gift Guide. A lot of cute lovely things :) My birds cards are there!

Ok. Going back to work now and hopefully at 10 I’m going to be ready to watch To Chef! YUPIIIIIIIII!

See you soon :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

And the winner is...

Stacie said...
Happy Birthday and Congrats!
Thanks everybody for all the commnets and good wishes. Definitely this year is going to be fabulous :)
Have a great week!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Thank you SO MUCH for all the cool and sweet message in my B-day Giveaway post :) I’m having a blast reading and checking all the blogs. GREAT THINGS there. Thank you~Thank you~Thank you :)
I have been celebrating and working the whole week.
Here a few things I accomplish the last days:
1.- I used one of my favorites designs to create Valentine’s cards. They come in set of 2 with red envelopes. Really pretty.

2.- I got today some half prints I order with other of my favorite designs. This are 5.5 x 8.5. I only have 50, and I guess I’m going to send some with the next orders I get in my shop.

3.- I have been playing with some magnets ideas I have

4.- I made this drawing to use in my website

Hope you have a great weekend, and remember the you can still post to participate in the Giveaway till Sunday!
See you soon :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to me and a giveaway to you ;) ~UPDATE~

~Check the Update at the end of the post!~
YEAHHH.. Today is my B-Day. I’m having a pretty good day full of phone calls and face book messages… really good! I was planning to spent the day just painting but I think my clients don’t understand that today is my B-day and I having working like crazy :S It’s ok. I have a lot of work AND THAT IS GREAT.
To celebrate my B-day and my 6 year anniversary here in US, I decide to make a BIG GIVEAWAY.
How this work? Just let me a comment in this post and you will be part of this BIG GIVEAWAY. I’m going to pick one winner Sunday 18… So, you have 4 days to participate and win!
Now, here what the super duper lucky winner is going to get:

1.) 8x10 Matted Print ~Good Luck~
Why? Because everybody should start the year with GOOD LUCK

2.) 3 Prints ~Birds In Love~.
Why? Because everybody needs love!

3.- 2009 Calendar
Why? Because we always need a calendar to track our goals

4.- Original Drawing
Why? Because you know “Something Good is Going to happen” this year!

And this is the Super Duper Update :)The offer is valid in my ~Etsy Shop~

You like this Giveaway? I hope so!!
Ok. Now I’m to get a bowl of ice cream to continue my celebration.
See you soon!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short and sweet

Hello there! I just want to let you know that the next days are going to be big time celebration for me ;)
Tomorrow is my b-day! I’m going to be 36.. I CANT BELIEVE IT. Thursday is my 6 years anniversary here in US. 6 years ago I decide to came here for a short vacation while my country was in strike. I packed my clothes, took $200 and used a plane ticket my sister paid for me. First thing I did was buy a dictionary because my vocabulary at that point only had 5 English words. That was 6 years ago. I’m really proud of myself. Haven’t been easy but I fought and I’m here. I think is a great thing to celebrate!
Tomorrow I’ll back with a BIG GIVEAWAY to celebrate my dreams.
See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 9, 2009


What??? I don’t understand. I have been busy “planning” this year, making lists, dreaming awake, filling my art journal, and out of the blue is already FRIDAY! Hello??? 2099.. please, slow down because I have a lot of things to do, ok?
I swear I have been working the past 5 days but unfortunately I don’t have a decent artwork-picture to prove that ;) Hopefully this wonderful weekend will be full of craft and new artwork. In the meantime this is the only picture I can share with you.

Happy Weekend everybody!
See you soon ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello 2009!

Yes. I know I’m late in my Happy New Year post! But I was *trying* to put everything here in order before back to the blog wagon ;)
Let me tell you something… This year is going to be FA.BU.LO.US. Hands down. My resolution list is unbelievable long and I *LOVE* that because I’m nuts and love been crazy busy (and enjoying every single second!).
In general lines my Holidays were… hmmm… crazy?? Yes, I think that is the best world to describe the last weeks ;) I receive the year talking with my family (in Venezuela they received the year ½ before us) and PAINTING. Cool. And with a glass of wine ;) After the 31 I spent the first days of wonderful January planning this year. I have a lot of plans (like every year) but this year is different, because this year is my ACTION MOVE year.
Let me tell you a little bit why this is my ACTION MOVE year. First, I was reading Jennifer Pebbles’ Blog and she said something about the “Personal Year”. And mine is:

Personal Year 8. . . . Attainment and capital gains
This is a number 8 personal year for you. This is your power year, a period when you can make important strides in you life. Coming after a very slow and introspective period (the personal year 7), you may start feeling some stirrings of ambitions. This is a year of big decisions and major achievements. Activity is your keynote now, and you will find yourself very much involved and occupied. Opportunities for advancement and recognition for past and current work is likely to come about during this year. You have things going for you so long as you take advantage and act. It is easy for you to branch out and expand in a businesslike manner. If you are at all inclined, this is the time to exude self-confidence and authority, because others will tend to be receptive to your leadership and control. Your power and status potential is at a peak of the nine years personal epicycle that concludes at the end of the next year.

LOVE IT. And of course after reading Ali Edwards, I had to pick my word. So this year is ACTION MOVE. I’ll make a cool artwork with my work to keep my eyes on that little world.

OK. Now I guess I should share some of the things I have been working the last 6 days, right?
Last weekend was one of my typical weekends. Football. This time I decide to create some little handmade notebooks… They are cute! I have been giving these little ones to friends and in “thank you bags” (to people in the print shop, post office, etc), but maybe I will put some in my Etsy.

And I used the scraps to made little tiny booklets to include in the orders I sent yesterday and today ;)
This is one of my trees in wood. He is going to my shop tomorrow and this is a canvas I start on New Year Eve… I think is going to look great!

Happy New Year to everybody and remember to follow your dreams this year!