Friday, May 29, 2009

My wonderland

I didn’t have time to prepare a proper drawing for this week word :S
Lea, choice Wonderland, and I decide to share with you my little wonderland… here is where the magic happens!.

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Have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

There is no place like home...

Alexandra was the wordfinder this week and it is HOME.
I was planning to just do simple home sweet home drawing.. but I ended with other “typical” Home sentence: "There is no place like home". I guess my drawing is missing some little red shoes, right?
Anyhow… As an immigrant I have a little trouble trying to define which is really “home”. In the end I think home is where your heart is ;)
The other participants this week are Cecilia, Aimee, Jenna, Fruenswerk, Andrea, Nathalie, Esti, Kristi, Sandra, Aris, Thereza and Lea.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready to go!

Ok. The “Traveling series is READY. Tomorrow I’ll have the installation in the “Focaccia Rustica

I really like how they came out and how they look together. I really enjoy these project but let face it, I’m not good working in just one project at the time! I’m EAGER to start other projects right now :)
Let see which new things will appear in my blog tomorrow ;)
See you soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Productive weekend

I accomplish some good things this weekend:

1.- I finished 2 of my 10 x 10 “Traveling” mixed media.

Egypt 01

Egypt 02

london 01

2.- Worked and upload to sets of Digital Paper Packs in my Etsy Shop

Digital Paper Pack 02

Digital Paper Pack 01

3.- Designed and printed some marketing material to promote my prints and original drawings.

I’m so happy and now I’m super ready for a AWESOME productive week!
Hope you had a great weekend too :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


This was the first thing I thought as soon I saw Aimee’s post :)

I guess if I live, act and breath as the person I want to be, someday no really far I’m going to be that person, right?

I'll post more of my digital papers a little bit later... 2 post in one day... A really weird thing and I swear I'm not faking it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finding Balance

So far, this week have been little better regarding my organization skills.
I finally added to my shop one of my “Paper Packs-Digital Files”, and THAT is a BIG step ;)

Digital Files in my Shop

Also, I made a new quote-print. One of the things I'm missing in my life is balance. I get absolutely stress out with my work and I forget everything, including breathing. I suffer of “frozen mind” every time the stress strike. I decide to use this quote as a mantra this week.

Print in my Shop

See you tomorrow with more of my Digital Files :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

You can do it ~download your desktop wallpaper~

Hope you had a great Mother’s Day and an super duper weekend! Mine was pretty productive or at least that is what I want to think :P I sent both days watching Golf (The Players Cup) (Yes, because I’m that crazy!) and working in my 10 x 10 canvases for the traveling set.




I’m really happy with this project but at the same time I just want to finish the all (hopefully I will have 10) to start/continue with other projects I have in my table.

Talking about other projects… I have been working in and out in some digital kits to sell in my Etsy shop. I start those kits because I want to have my patterns design printed on papers but I don’t know who I have to contact to design papers… However, I have tons of files I have just to put together in kits and go online, but for some reason I haven’t find the final kick to do that. I told my Mom yesterday I’m going to do my best this week to organize my priorities and finish at least 3 projects this week ;) And hopefully my digital kits are going to be one of those projects.
In order to start this week with a good foot, I design this desktop wallpaper to use in my computer. And to start the excitement for my Digital Kits Files project, I want to give you this file, because you have to remember that You can do it! :)

Click in the resolution you want to download.
1280 x 1024

1024 x 768

800 x 600

Have a great week!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Ops! I dont have time to write, but at least I can wish you a Happy Creative Weekend!! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Thanks for your words regarding my “Work in Progress”. I’m working in a series of 10 x 10 canvases. So far the name of the series is “traveling” but I hope to find a more interesting name. I’ll be showing you the pieces during the next 9 days. Here my lovely Italy and Japan.
After a comment I got in my last post, I think will be fun to create a littl tutorial about "creating mixed media artwork".. what you think?
italy 01

japan 02

As usual, I’m trying to balance the crazy amount of stuff I have on my plate. I have to accomplish really important things and in order to do that I have to push myself. Some days I go to sleep with a knot in my stomach thinking in how I’m going to do this by myself, why I’m pushing myself to hard, doubting if I really can accomplish my dreams and goals, and a huge etc of doubts. Last night was one of those nights and like always I woke up today thinking: “Come ooooon Valentina, you can do it! And soon after that I got a good email.. a simple note telling me I have to trust in myself!
So… I had to create this print :)Trust Yourself

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Work in process

This weekend will be full of a lot of artwork, and that is just perfect for me ;)
Hope you have great weekend too.