Monday, June 4, 2012

12 weeks - 12 paintings

2 weeks ago I decided to challenge myself (as usual!) to create more before the baby arrive. I know I already made a huge list and goals of things to do before the baby, but I needed an specific project to push myself... because it's fun ;)
My new challenge is to paint a canvas (any size) per week until my due date. Hopefully the baby got the memo and she is going to be happily inside my belly until I finish the project.
I was planning to post about the challenge as soon I star it, but I wanted to be 100% commitment with it before posting. I already made 2 paintings because I start the project on my week 28 :)
Sooo here we go. My new challenge "12 weeks - 12 paintings"

- Week 1:
Tarquien. Watercolor and ink on canvas 8x8


- Week 2:
Billy.  Acrylic and ink on canvas 6x6


Tonight I should decide what I'm going to paint this week ;)

And BTW, believe it or not, I finished to organize the supplies closet! Yeah me :)
Now it's a lot easier to find the art supplies, shipping materials, prints and goodies. And to be honest, only took me a few hours to do it... Why I had to procrastinate so much?


Happy Monday :)