Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flowers and a card

Today is my wedding anniversary. Two awesome years with a really amazing guy. I told Andrew I don't want presents or anything, just go out and have dinner and I think that is cool enough. Well, he couldn't help and sent me flowers. LOVE IT :). He called a local florist and order this beautiful flowers,


Are not super duper beautiful?

But to be honest the best part was the card...


When I opened the card, I had to double check the card and flowers where really for me, because to be honest, that message DOESN'T MAKE sense to me. "It was great to see you"? Compian? Mi no understand.
Well, I sent a text to Andrew and I told you I got the most beautiful flowers and he was happy I liked, and I told him about the card, because, what was that?
And we "laughed" because when he called to order the flowers he asked to include a card with the message:

"Baby, it's been a great two years. Love Pumpkin"

You can bet I will save this card for evahhh!

P.S: Yes, I call my husband Pumpkin and sometimes Pump... I have no shame.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stay Focused

Remember I told you yesterday I was planning to paint and paint and paint ans finished those 5 little canvases? Well, that was my plan, but in some point during the day I found myself coloring in illustrator this drawing

It's all in your head

and finishing this one

Year of the Dragon

Why if I KNOW I have a painting deadline I star working in other projects? It's like in my mind I don't have priorities and I jump from one project to another... And you will see me 2 weeks before the show working like a mad girl! Why I always do that?

I really need to learn to keep my attention AND intentions in one thing at the time. How you do that?
I'm going to print this image and carry it with me 24/7. I need to Stay Focused.

Stay Focused!

How you stay focused?

Monday, January 23, 2012

painting, painting, painting... and watching football

That is what I did the whole weekend. I spent a lot of time painting... and watching football. BTW, Go Giants! Yeahhh I like football and one of my favorites team is Giants, just because I really like the quarterback :P

In 5 weeks I will be participating in the South Miami Rotary Art Festival and hopefully, at the Carnaval on the Mile. That means, during the next 5 weeks I'll be painting non stop ;) Love that!

The painting party start last Friday.
I make a little pile with all the blank canvases I had in my closet and start thinking: what I'm going to paint now?


I decided to don't over think any thing and just take a few of the little canvases (6x6) and star painting.
I draw some images with pencil and had fun with the paints!


Now these canvases are color ready and it's time to start adding the ink. I'm planning to finish these 5 canvases by the end of the week. Sounds crazy. right? Well... wish me luck!


Ok... and what I'm going to paint in the other 17 canvases?
I need some fresh ideas ;)

Happy week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 So far...

• I'm still trying to organize my studio...and my brain.

• 11 days into this year and I only had made a whole new drawing.


• I'm working in some commissions work and I cant share any of those images with you :(

• I feel I have to do something challenging (like a daily weekly drawing) to have a good reason to blog more often.

• My brother's wedding is in April and I'm working with him in the invitations. Makes me nervous to do work for my own family. I feel the pressure to do and amazing perfect work.


• So far, this year have been super pack of great news and opportunities, maybe for that reason I still trying to organize my brain and find the way to be a lot more productive.

• My 39th birthday is this Saturday January 14. I never have been crazy about making parties and big celebrations. I told Mr. Harper I just want to visit some friends in an Art Festival, have an Italian dinner and watch the Broncos- Patriots football game. Maybe I will eat a whole chocolate cake and I'll call it a perfect Birthday day.

• This Sunday will be my 9 year anniversary in the US. How is possible I have been here 9 years already?

• I'm going to participate in a big Art Festival at the end of February and possible in other festival the first weekend of March. I should be painting 24/7 for those shows... and still I'm working on organize my brain. Good Job girl.

• I made a big batch of homemade granola. I think I left it a little bit to much on the oven. Mr. Harper told me the granola taste like burned popcorn. Ops!


• Every morning, I drink a shake made with fruits, yogurt, juice and burned popcorn granola.


• I'm trying to go back to my routine and walk in the treadmill at least 45 minutes every day. I was doing pretty well until the Holidays came and mess up with my schedule (lame excuse, right?). To me, the worst part about not working out in really long time is dealing the the guy in the reception in the gym. I feel he look at me and think: "look who finally decide to come back here". Why I have to care so much about what other people think?

• I have been buying canvases like crazy. I think I expecting the inspiration comes inside one of those plastics wraps too...


• Last night, while we're watching the New Hampshire Republican Primary (don't judge me), I cut a lot of fabric to make tea towels.


• I'm stocking my studio with a bunch of goodies to have new things to offer on the South Miami Art Festival this February.


• I'm not big in celebrating my birthday but I'm planning to make this year the best of the 30's

• FeDex just came with a big box for my husband. I recognized the logo in the box. I'm going to get an AWESOME birthday present!. I cant wait to show you want Mr. Harper got me. Love that guy.

• I think my word for 2012 is going to be Grow.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 goals, intentions, plans, ideas...

I guess many of you already jumped into 2012 with all your Goals and Plans set. I have all my main goals ready for this year, but I have been adding and editing that list many times. I think I have way to many ideas and plans jumping in my head and I'm getting seriously anxious about setting priorities. I decided I'm going to work in 5 main goals this year. I think I can reach those 5 goals, but at the same time I start getting more ideas and things I *believe* I can accomplish. The only way I can keep track of my plans is writing everything down, in that way I can keep track of the things I suppose to do, right?
I made for myself a little page where I can write down the ideas, and I think maybe you will want to use it too ;)

You can click here and download your 2012 Goals page!

2012 Goals - ValentinaDesign

Do you already set your plans?
Let's talk more about our cool plans next week!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas presents. part 2

This year I made some Tea Towels sets. I really liked how they look... I think I will add some of these sets on my shop soon ;)

Tea Towels sets