Friday, September 28, 2012

Time management

For the past weeks I have been complaining 24/7 about the lack of time I have to create, and it's true, my time to create right now is pretty limited.
Sooo... why if I don't have a lot of time to make new artwork, I always use my little free time to do things like these?
hbday-titi hbday-abumery hbday-grandma hbday-daddy
(these are birthdays "cards" I made for my sister, my mom, my mother in law and my husband to post on facebook)

I believe my problem is not lack of time, my problem is time management ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Something new and cool!

Custom Skins with my artwork

Many times I get email form people asking me for and specific pattern or artwork to create an skin for their devices, and unfortunately I couldn't help everybody, but NOW I CAN!

Now in DecalGirl you can create your custom skin for your devices using my artwork. I will be adding new designs every week. If you want to have an specific artwork, let me know and I will add it into my gallery.

Create your custom skin here!

 I really like this new DecalGirl featured. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cardboard, paint and ink

I have been working on Ava's nursery in the past months. I'm not good decorating, but at least I could make some art for the walls. These 2 pieces were really easy and kind of fast to make.
I got a cardboard letter A at Joanns Fabric and a Deer on Urban Outfitters. I got a spray paint and in minutes the deer head was ready to hang in the wall. Easy, right?
The letter A took me a little bit longer, but everyday i did a little. And finally Ava is going to have some artwork in her nursery walls before she leave for college ;)

  wall-decor-Ava-process wall-decor-Ava-02

Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy Life

Life have been pretty busy the last months. Having a baby is wonderful.. and difficult! I'm still trying to find a balance and see how I'm going to take care of Ava and work at the same time. So far I just decide to take it easy until she turn 2 (or 3 or 6!) month and after that I will re open my Etsy shop ans see if I can manage everything (crazy, right?. I'm really wondering how other people do it... I guess I will have to take one step at the time. How you do it?

 I owe you million of posts, but for some reason I was waiting to redesign my blog to come back in a new totally different phase of my life... but who was I kidding? I don't have time to take a shower, when I will find time to redesign this blog? Not any time soon!

Well... one step at the time, right? And because right now Ava is having a nap (taking about naps, Ava is 7 weeks old today, how many hours she should be sleeping during the day?), I can share with you a little something I start doing the last month. A few weeks ago I decided to do a little work every week. I wish I can paint a big canvas or do a new print, but usually I don't now how much time I will have available to paint, but I need to create in order to feel better... And if mama is happy, everybody is happy.

Sooo... Every Monday now is going to be Coloring Monday! Here the free coloring page for this week: (click here to download the 8.5 x 11 page) Coloring Monday!
 And here you can get the pages I made the last weeks ;)

 - Dream Big

- 2 Birds

- Little Cardinal

- Prairie

Hope you enjoy the free coloring pages, and every Monday you will have a new one!

And if you want to know why I haven't post ion this blog for so long, you can blame this cute face ;)