Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spoonflower contest (again!)

After a long break, I made a design for a Spoonflower contest! :)
The theme this week is 'Sewing Celebration" and this is my submission:

Sew and Smile

If you liked, you can can vote here ;)

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 16, 2012

My artwork in Venezuela

Remember I had 2 art festivals in February and March? (and I think I haven show you the pictures about the shows!). Well, my sister Clementina came from Venezuela to visit me in perfect timming to help me with the shows ;). I'm SOOOO HAPPY she came because I was like 14-16 weeks pregnant and I really needed her help!.
After a couple of weeks working with me in my little studio and in the shows, she decide all that work was A LOT of fun, and wanted to sell my artwork in Venezuela!. So, now, when she is not writing fitness and diet articles (she writes for her own blog and also for other blogs, because she is a rock star!) or training people, she is looking for venues to sell my art. I'm telling you, she is a rock star ;)
Last weekend she had her first bazaar representing Valentina's Prints. I think my sister and brother in law made an amazing work! Look all the cool things they made:

Valentina's Prints in Venezuela

They have prints, mugs, wooden boxes, pillow cases, iPhone covers...
Love it :)

Now you can like Valentina's prints on Facebook. And if you are looking for amazing tips on diet, exercises, fitness and more, you have to check my sister's blog and like her Facebook page, No te lo comas.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 sale!

You know This site features daily design inspirations and sales of up to 70% off retail. I love it, you really can find awesome things there. And guess what? I'm having a sale there! For the next 3 days, you can get some of my prints in photographic paper (11x14) for only $19.50.
Check my sale here

fab sale!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Last weeks

The last weeks have been pretty busy! But it's really strange because I feel I have been doing A LOT but I check the list I made a month ago, and I don't see ANY PROGRESS. Weird, right?

For example, clean and organize my studio, the supplies closet, file papers, etc... were the "priorities" of the list. Well, here you can see I don't take those priorities really serious :S


BUT, I have been drawing A LOT, that count for something, right?


Definitely, if you put in a scale cleaning/organizing AND drawing, pen and ink will always win!

Other thing I have been doing lately is growing. The belly is getting bigger little by little. To be honest, I wasn't kind of person how is going to be taking pictures of her belly and making weekly updates about her pregnancy, because it's not my style. But I realize I should snap a few pictures while in a while only because I'm worry in the future, I'll regret not "documenting" the pregnancy in one way or another. And because I have no shame, this is me trying to take a decent picture of my 20 week belly.


An so far those are all the awesome updates I have for you. Sooo exciting, right? This is what I call my simple happy life ;)
Ahhh and talking about simple. You know what I did this weekend? While everybody were enjoying the Easter weekend, painting eggs and eating chocolate, I was watching The Masters. Yes, I was watching golf and, don't worry, even my husband found that extremely weird, but seriously, I was having fun! And you want to know something a little bit more embarrassing? I cried at the end. Yes, when that kid Budda Watson won The Masters, I cried, and not because I'm pregnant and hormonal, no I cried because that is what I do every single time I see The Masters, the Superbowl, Top Chef, the Olympics, etc... It's something about seeing people reaching those huge goals... I cant help... I get emotional and cry.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April calendar


I made a April Calendar to use on my computer as my wallpaper... you know, to keep an eye on this month to see if they days don't go flying!
You want to keep track of April too?
Download the image here and set as background!
Happy April