Thursday, October 28, 2010

this and that

I have a few things to share with you today.

First, FINALLY I made other design to participate in this week Spoonflower contest. The theme this week was "Creatures of Woodland". My idea was to create a design with a quilt feeling. In my mind I could picture a cool duvet with cool forest animals. In my mind, I could see the duvet in really vibrant colors. For some crazy reason,(no idea why!) while I was working in the design my mind switch to a more warm pink palette and now the design looks like this.

In Woodland

I still like it a lot (and you can vote for it if you want ;) just click here to go to the Spoonflower contest), but still I wanted to see the design in the vibrant colors I previously had in mind.
Soooo... I create some images to update my Society 6 shop. The cool thing about Society 6 is the ability to create cool things like iPhone cases, laptops and iPads skins, t-shirts, canvas and more.
I REALLY like how the designs look in these colors... What you think?

You can check my whole shop here ;)

Prints and more

And taking about cases and skins. Now you can get my designs in skins for blackberry, iPhones, Kindle, laptops and more in :) I got some samples last week and I LOVE IT!!!

You want to check my shop? Just click here.

My designs in decalgirl

And talking about samples. I'll do a little giveaway with some of those samples! This time it's going to be a little bit different. Next Monday (Nov 1), I'll send my newsletter with a couple of new things, a little freebie and the giveaway info. If you want to participate, you have to receive my newsletter ;) If you are not in mailing list, you can ckick here to suscribe right now!

OK. That is all for the day. Now I have to start looking online for my Halloween makeup ideas. I think I'll just take my Japanese robe and paint my face like geisha. I'll be a Geisha with short hair ;)

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

busy busy

I have been pretty busy lately working in things like this one:

Come back tomorrow, I promise to have a more interesting post with thing like this

and this

and this

See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Birds and Mr. Pop

Finally!! The Birds Wall Calendar is ready in my shop! I really love this calendar because the 12 birds are 100% new illustration and it’s my first wall calendar ;)
Hope you like it too! You can check it on my shop.

The Birds wall calendar

This week is going to be crazy because I have tons of things cooking here ;). Next week, I'll be launching a really cute project (well, I think is cute!)... Here a sneak peek...

Mr. Pop

Have a lovely week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

sneak peek

The calendars are ready! They will travel to my shop Monday morning :)
Happy weekend!

Calendar 2011

Calendar 2011

Thursday, October 14, 2010

12 birds ~ 1 calendar

Next week I will have in my shop a very special calendar :) I drew 12 different birds for this project and I think they are super cute! The calendar is 8.5 x 11 to hang in the wall. A new page for each moth, and when you finish the moth, you can frame the bird ;)

12 birds ~ 1 calendar

Calendar 2011

Monday, October 11, 2010

Loving yourself...

I have the power to change myself

My sister Clementina took hundreds of pictures during her visit. She and her husband are funny and they love to document their travels. We had tons of fun on those pictures sessions.. until I saw the pictures. OMG! I wasn’t happy at all when I saw myself. I knew I had some extra pounds… but seeing the pictures make me feel really sad. And then I realize I was being super hard at me as usual. I’m always hard at myself. I always feel I’m not doing enough for my art career and IT’S NOT TRUE, and I have been working hard on that. Why we are always so hard to ourselves? I can feel sooooo proud for each milestone a friend or family member reach, and still I always feel I can do more. But I have been working on that, and little by little I have been feeling proud of myself.

Now I have to work on not being so hard at me for my weight or my hair or for the way I dress or for wanted to use my crocs 24/7. This is me and I’m HAPPY and gratefull for my great life and my family, friends and husband love me ;)
Yes, I have a few extra pounds… but come on; of course I have to have a few extra pounds. I got marry on January and I have been a housewife the last 10 months. That means I cook and EAT dinner every night. Before Andrew, I was more than happy eating a can of tuna for dinner. Fancy, right?

In general lines, we are really thoughtful in the way we eat. Our dinners are mostly protein and vegetables. I always add beans on our diet, and yes, sometimes during the weekends I eat bread. I know we don’t eat badly but still I’m willing to make some little changes to make myself feel better and shear these extra pounds. But the most important change it’s going to be in the way I see myself in the mirror.

I dedicate these two prints/affirmation to myself and to all the people who like me, are always hard on themselves.

Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Normal life

Vacation in town is over. My sister and brother in law left Sunday morning and I’m sad… SAD. Well, today I’m almost recovered, but the last days were bad :S You know when you’re a teenager and you had that big love? You remember when the love just last a semester and your heart was soooo broke? And you felt you will never recover? I was that sad :P But it’s ok, we still love each other :) And hopefully I don’t will have to wait 8 years to see her again!

Sooo.. normal life is slowing coming back. I think October is going to be pretty busy and that is always good.

Right now I have to finish this

work in progress

And this

work in progress...

And paint 12 [TWELVE] of this…

Time to work!