Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting ready!

Hello you! here a little about my beautiful life:
1.- I’m going out of the town for vacations.. YUPIIIIIII… I don’t remember when was the last time I took really vacations. Hmmm… no true, I took vacations in February 2007! I met with my parents in San Francisco and drove down to Los Angeles. We spent like 10 days together. My parents are GREAT. I can’t believe they had the patience to handle with me 10 days!.
My parents in Sonoma Valley

OK. Next Thursday I’m going to North Caroline (don’t ask me exactly where because I don’t have idea!) And spent almost a week in the beach with my bf family. I’M SOOOOO HAPPY about this trip. Can’t wait!

2.- I guess I should start to updates my profile picture because this girl have short hair again! LOVE IT. Perfect for this *fantastic* weather in Miami.
YES, I know these pictures are bad… I’ll take better ones in the beach!!

3.- I’m one of the Artist in the Pikaland July Project:) I’m really happy! Check the site and feel inspired with all those artists!

4.- I have been painting and drawing like crazy last week, but I think I’ll update my Etsy after my vacations. I added 3 new drawings last week, and hopefully after my trip I’ll show a lot more!

And that is all for now :)
See you later!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Today Friday

Hi there!
Weeks are passing pretty fast… I mean time in general is FLYING! I have a huge To Do’s List of projects I want to work and no time at all :S
But I can’t complain, I have been accomplish a couple of things ;)
1.- Two new prints for my Esty Shop

2.- One new Digital Kit for Scrapblog (I guess I should wait they go only with the theme before I show the design here)
3.- Having fantastic time in my classes learning a lot of lifestyle, Yoga and Meditation
4.- Working in a couple of new drawings (I have to take care of a couple of details before go online)

5.- Last but for sure no least, learning to don’t pass out due stress watching Italy playing soccer. Yes, again I *LOVE* everything about Italy.

Soooo… now I have a really interesting projects I would love to work this weekend, but I have classes tomorrow all day (is all good *NO COMPLAINING*) and Sunday… Italy is playing again :S We’ll see how much I can accomplish ji,ji,ji…
I really wish I can have another extra day this weekend because I have 2 things I’m looking forward to work on:
1.- I got the invitation for Spoonflower to try the beta software and print some fabric designs. As my sister said: that is a dream come true!. I REALLY want to sit down and prepare the designs to print some swatches. Looking forward for that.
2.- After so many hours meditating and practicing Yoga in my classes I start to dream with a new project… Is going to be fun! :)

But today this girl have to work in a logo for a client and some business cards designs, because you know… I have a *real* work ;)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend and if you like soccer, don’t miss Italy this Sunday ;)
See you soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Digital Scrapbook

I know, I know… I have been pretty lazy updating my blog and pictures BUT I have good reasons:
1.- Is rainy grey here, and I can’t take my art work pictures under the rain :P I always take the pictures outside because I live in a cave
2.- I have been busy with my work and my new Teacher Training.

I’ll update my last drawings maybe Sunday but in the meantime I want to show you some of the layouts I have been designing for this company.

I *LOVE* Scrapbooks and I think I want to spent more time designing Digital Kits. IS.FUN. Check this site, is really cool and you can see more of my themes there. Have fun!

Talking about Scrapbook, you have to check this site. I think Kate is a GEAT designer and definitely she rocks!

Ok. Time to draw. See you soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Strong

This is my June 5 drawing.Indeed I started the drawing last night around 10:30 watching Top Chef but I finished today… so is my June 5 drawing ;)
I’m strong. When I start this drawing I wasn’t thinking in anything in particular. I drew circles, circles and circles (I *love* circles). In some point the drawing looked to me like a retaining wall :S And I thought about everything is going on in my life and how much I have been telling me "I have to be strong". Right know I'm this retaining wall… I CAN DO IT because I’m strong!
The drawing will be in my Etsy this weekend ;)
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back on Track

This week have been a crazy roller coaster of emotions. I have been neglecting my work and art. I have been feeling down and without energy. BUT today I decide I CANT do this to myself. So, today I’m back to my *normal*happy*girl mood ;)
Here the things I’m going to do and back on track SOON:
1.- Work in the loooong list of pending jobs for my clients. Hopefully if I push myself really hard in a couple of days I can have all ready.
2.- I have to create something everyday and posted here. And “something” means: drawing, painting or collage.
3.- Learn Zen Cart OR finally contract somebody to do my shopping cart!
4.- Work every day at least half hour in my “journals” project.

Apart of all these things I’ll star next week a new course. I can’t explain how happy I’m for this. I KNOW is something I need right now.
Ok. Now is time to work in my creation of the day.
Here just a little picture of one of my works in progress.

See you soon!