Thursday, May 29, 2008

Collages= Check

Today I finished the 3 collages I was working on ;) In the pic you can see my beloved red crocs. YES I love my crocs, I can’t help!

Also today I decide to make some paintings like the ones I made to decorate my cave-bedroom. I always liked to draw, paint, create things with circles. I think “circles collages” are coming to visit my table this weekend.

Tonight: Work in the “colors” project and watch Lost. YEAHHHHH.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In my mind

I have a lot of things in my mind. Sometimes (ALWAYS) I found pretty difficult to concentrate in one project because I’m working/thinking in thousand of projects at the same time.
This week I want to focus my mind and energy in:

1.- Work in my Italy Collages. I always have been INLOVE with Italy. ALWAYS. Right now I have in my table some little collages about one of my goals/dreams. ITALY
2.- Work my Inspirational Journals Project. REALLY important
3.- Work in my OWN art Journal ;)
4.- Plan my perfect/dream studio.

Hopefully, this week I will show you the work in progress.
In the meantime enjoy this wonderful Flickr Inspirations. Fantastic, right??

1.Monte Sant'Angelo - Provincia de Foggia, 2. Vista de cima dos livrinhos, 3. Livrinho, 4. HPIM8175, 5. paint.and.print, 6. New Additions - Dungeness Open Studio 1, 7. Autumn in Montone, Italy, 8. Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy, 9. art studio I like, 10. Art Journal Page on canvas (GONE), 11. Calligraphy and doodling - 3, 12. Flowers or Not Front Cover 2

AND… here a sneak peek at what is on my table:

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Me and my little rituals

Me and my little rituals
I’m a simple girl. I’m a HAPPY simple girl and for that reason I enjoy my little rituals. I have my coffe/emails/blogs ritual every morning. PERFECT. But my favorite ritual is the meditation/reiki ritual.

Every morning after the time I go to my “disaster room” to dream a little bit about my new wonderful plans. The “disaster room” is the guest room, and at the same time my storage-half studio. Today before I start my ritual I looked around and realize I have way to much things in that room and DEFINETLY I have to clean up that disaster. In my mind (or maybe aloud… normal, I talk with myself) I said: "Oiisscchh, I really have to clean this disaster, I have a lot A LOT of things I don’t use or/and I don’t need at all, I have to clean up my old supplies… Definitely Valentina if you’re really working in your life/goals, the first things you should do is clean your path to get ready for the new one”
After that I start my simple ritual:
- Meditation
- Reiki
- Pick one of my Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards (Yes, I love these kind of things because help me to keep positive and focus on my intentions)

SO, not surprise with the card I got today:

Guess what this little girl will be doing during the weekend???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beautiful Wednesday

- I did my Reiki and meditation session in the morning (good girl!)
- I packed some orders ;)
- Made an advertising Ad for a client
- Finished this drawing (soon in my “store”)

- Designed these prints (available here)

- Finished 2 boxes for my new project (available next week, still working in some little details) - Laughed really hard reading my sister Clementina’s pictures comments (in her facebook)
- Watched couple of bad movies in Lifetime while working (ops! that was one of my dark secrets)

Now I am off to draw more little birds getting out of the labyrinth, made other page in my Art Journal, cook dinner and of course get ready to enjoy Top Chef .
(Yeap… I usually go to sleep around 2:30 am)
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I’m the worst blogger in “this” entirely world. I just start my blog last Thursday and nada mas not an other word.
Ok. I’m taking pictures to show you what I have been doing last days, I guess tomorrow will be a better cool post. For now I will leave you with this cute picture because YOU HAVE to meet my family! ;) HOPE they don’t get mad at me.. and if that happen, NO PROBLEM! they live in another country!
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally :)

FINALLY. Valentina has a blog. After months thinking I decide to face my fear and create my blog. I’m pretty silly but honestly I was (I’m) afraid rude people will write bad commentaries base in my “not at all” good English… but I’m here no matter what other people think. I honestly trust people will be kind and sweet, right? Just come and enjoy my journey. Is going to be fun!
OK. Basically this wonderful Blog is to write down my experience as a designer, artist, friend, partner, etc living in a foreign country. Hmmm… that sound funny… I’m from Venezuela, and really Miami is not that far (and almost everybody speaks Spanish…).

This is short because I have been hours trying to design this simple blog and now I’m tired!
I’ll tell you later about my believes and the new greats plans I have for this year… In the meantime just check my Etsy Shop and see the new things I’m working on.
Come back, ok?