Thursday, May 24, 2012

One shelf at a time

The other day I opened my supplies closet and I could find anything. Of course, who can find something in closet like this one?


I think it's time to put myself together and start organizing here. The first step was buying some simple plain bids. The bins arrived 3 days ago and were sitting really comfortable on my dinning table with a bunch of other stuffs (like prints, canvas, fabric, etc). I some point today i start to feel a little bit bad for not only having a big disaster in my studio but for spreading my disaster all over the place. Soooo.. today was the. Today (after my nap) I start organizing the closet...

 I only did one shelf.

closet-02 closet-shelf

Blame it to this belly ;)


One shelf ready... 4 to go! In the meantime, the living room still looks like this


Well, lets see what I do tomorrow.

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