Monday, June 4, 2012

12 weeks - 12 paintings

2 weeks ago I decided to challenge myself (as usual!) to create more before the baby arrive. I know I already made a huge list and goals of things to do before the baby, but I needed an specific project to push myself... because it's fun ;)
My new challenge is to paint a canvas (any size) per week until my due date. Hopefully the baby got the memo and she is going to be happily inside my belly until I finish the project.
I was planning to post about the challenge as soon I star it, but I wanted to be 100% commitment with it before posting. I already made 2 paintings because I start the project on my week 28 :)
Sooo here we go. My new challenge "12 weeks - 12 paintings"

- Week 1:
Tarquien. Watercolor and ink on canvas 8x8


- Week 2:
Billy.  Acrylic and ink on canvas 6x6


Tonight I should decide what I'm going to paint this week ;)

And BTW, believe it or not, I finished to organize the supplies closet! Yeah me :)
Now it's a lot easier to find the art supplies, shipping materials, prints and goodies. And to be honest, only took me a few hours to do it... Why I had to procrastinate so much?


Happy Monday :)

8 comments: said...

Happy Monday to you dear! stunning stuff as usual.
I came across this and thought it MUSt be your stuff right?

Oana Livia said...


I really love your art.
I want to ask you a technical question, if you don't mind. I also love drawing with my ink pens on watercolors, but I have a huge problem with it. I draw 2 or three lines and then my pen gets all dry because of the watercolor. And I need to write on a normal piece of paper, in order to get it running again.
So now I start by drawing the ink part and then watercolor it. But the effect is not the same.

So I am wondering if you have the same problem ? Or not ? I would really love some advice.

I have tried all types of ink pens (Faber-Castell mostly).

Thank you so much.

Sherri B. said...

Your work is beautiful...congrats to you on the upcoming birth of your little one! I envy your organizational :)

Victoria M from FB said...

Good for you on the organizing! It's inspiring. I took a day off of work which gives me 3 days to do Just This! I don't have the amount of supplies you have (haven't even shared any drawings online yet o.O), but I still have a mess. Ha. And yes, congrats...

Holland said...

Congrats to you both with the soon to be extension of your love. I hope all is well with your wrists.

Anonymous said...

too cool!! :D

Giggles said...

Hope you're okay over there!! Just thinking about you wondering why your blog hasn't popped up on my side bar lately!! Take care and look forward to a word or two!!

Hugs Gigges

Lorrie said...

All of your paintings as ever are gorgeous Valentina, and well done for achieving so much before your big event.

Take care hun...

Lorrie x