Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aaron and The Birds

Happy day after Valentine’s Day! Well… yesterday I was super busy and totally forgot to write e sweet lovely post to celebrate Valentine’s day!. What you did yesterday? To me was a normal day fill with work and other cool things like the birth of a new niece! My brother in law and her wife had a new baby girl yesterday! I was joking they should call her Valentina, just to honor Valentine’s day … but they dismiss my sweet suggestion idea ;)

This week I’m going to be pretty busy because the first weekend of March, I’ll be having selling in an Art Festival here in Miami. I’m kind of scare because this will be my first full weekend show and still I have NO IDEA how I will display my work in the walls. All suggestion are super duper welcome ;) I’ll have a 10x10 tent (with the 3 “walls”) but I need some kind of panels to hang my work… and there is where my mind is a little stuck. I want something easy to install and transport… If you have an idea what I can do, PLEASE, let me know ;)

Before I continue my “I have to paint tons of canvas” marathon, I want to show you 2 things:

1.- I really finished Aaron

Aaron  Original paitining

Aaron Original paitining  details 02

2.- I made and added to my shop a set of 9 photo prints with my 9 birds (each photo size is 4x6) These looks great in frames.

9 birds  set of 9 photo prints 4x6

9 birds  set of 9 photo prints 4x6

Happy Tuesday!!!


Kathryn Dyche said...

I love your work, I'm sure you'll do amazing. Have you thought about using grid panels like in this shot? http://www.flickr.com/photos/7250238@N04/5448718620/

I use them to hang my art canvases and got them from the storesupplywarehouse.

Valentina Harper said...

Thank you!
Yes, I was thinking in something like that. I found a store here in Miami with those panels, but they are too heavy? Which height you use? Thanks again!!!

SooZeQue said...

These are all so stunning. The colors are always so perfect together. I just love them all!

Sarah said...

Your designs are so inspiring! I just discovered your work via the Print and Pattern blog, and I am fully in awe! A beautiful blend of natural and geometric motifs, and your colors are just lovely.