Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Right now I'm fighting a phase of lack of inspiration. I have been trying super hard to keep myself working, but I have to be honest... the inspiration it's not with me! And the I think one of the majors reason for this "downtime" have been my own mind pressuring myself to create as much as I can before I have the baby. I have been super worry thinking in how I'm going to work when the little one come to join our lives. And that pressure and worry is what make my mind just freeze and I don't know how to tackle my To Do's list... and that makes me mad and worry, and the circle of unproductive time start again. I'm making sense here? I feel like I'm going a tiny bit crazy :) Yesterday I really had a bad day. I was feeling super BLAH and I didn't wanted to do anything. I tried hard really hard to draw something new. I tried to find inspiration and feel better, but the only thing I really wanted was to laid in the couch under my blanket and sleep. And I did that. This morning I woke up without great expectations. I was planning to go with the flow and see if I could accomplish something meaningful. I sat in front of my computer (and I mean in front of my laptop, because my computer is still broke and I'm trying to figure out the next step) with my cup of coffee and I saw a little basket I always have on top of my desk. And out of the blue a little light came to my mind! In that basket I have a couple of inspiration things and I have a box with of Tea Leaf Fortune Cards (don't ask me, I have a bunch of things like that here in my studio) and I decided THAT was exactly what I needed to boost my inspiration a little bit! I'm not so sure how often I'm going to do this, but I wish I can push myself to do it at least one time per week as a challenge. And this is what I did... really easy and silly, but worked for me! Put all the "Tea Leaf" cards on my desk tea-2 I picked one tea-card01 Saw the drawing (and smiled with the message) sun-tea-card And drew the image on watercolor paper with pencil sun Now, it's time to start adding the ink. I'll be posting the progress of this drawing on my facebook page. I really feel a lot better today!


g.a.s. art said...

It is so funny how the artist in us seems to leave every once in awhile.I find when it is hard to make art. I love looking at other web.sites and blogs. Now I do know this can also be a big waste of ones time. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that your art work inspires me greatly. Thank you for sharing your art work threw your web. site and blog.thanks for the inspiration. g.a.s.

Lisa Horner said...

Happiness and well being - be kinder to yourself at this time, love yourself, have plenty of rest, your inspiration will come back to you soon x

Unknown said...

glad you feel better
i usually cut out ideas and collect different brochures from art shows and keep them in a box and if i feel blah i go thru stuff and always find something cool to get inspired