Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Salon Multi Media Exhibition

This Saturday I’ll be part of the Summer Salon at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery, 2911 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove, FL
The Summer Salon is a collective multi-media art exhibition that features the work of the following South Florida artists:
Rosie Brown, Elizabeth Chacon, Trina Collins, Debra Cortese, Sandy Edie, Nedra Goldhoff, Pauline Goldsmith, Lynda LaRocca, Monique Lassoij, MANO, Irina Patterson, Debra Starbuck, Adriana Dominquez-Tio, Deborah Weed, Lynda Wellens, Annamaria Windisch-Hunt, Fred Hunt and moi (Valentina);)
We’ll have Poetry readings by Jonathan Rose and Jerry Wade And Live Music by Zip Robertson.

In really excited about this exhibition. I think is going to be great and hopefully this little beauty is going to be there for a whole month!


(click on the pciture to see more details pictures in my Flickr!)


Katy said...

That is absolutely gorgeous.... very impressive :-)

aimee said...

wonderful!! congrats for being part of the show - i hope you'll show us pictures!!

Debra Cortese said...

Is this the piece that will be in the show? It is fabulous!

vanillalemoncake said...

wow! how utterly gorgeous! Ive been a fan for a while and i think this is your best yet :D

Cindy said...

wow, your work is so detailed and intricate. you must have amazing focus and patience. thank you for visiting us!