Thursday, September 4, 2008

Working again!

I’m back! I had the most relaxing and great vacations ever (I said the same after each vacation!) The Lake is beautiful and everything is perfectly quiet. My BF’s family stayed the holiday weekend with us, and like always we had a blast! Football, food, drinks and laughs the whole weekend. I can’t believe I only gained 3 pounds :S (not fun!) but after all the food and drinks, IS NOTHING!
I took a more pictures, but they are in my BF camera and he is still up there :S. I came back before because somebody have to work, right?
What you think about the lake? Is not perfect??
My sketch book and pen had great time too… inside my suitcase! Miraculously I managed to finish 2 whole drawings there. But I least I came back with my mind really clear and ready to design madness!
Here the pictures of the new drawings ;)
Tonight I’ll finish other of this “seeds” drawings and in the meantime I’ll watch Eli playing ;) YES, I love football!

See you soon!


Brienne said...

Is that pen and ink with watercolor? I LOVE your stuff! I actually bought some prints off your etsy site a few weeks ago. I can't wait to have them framed. :)

~Valentina~ said...

Yes! I used watercolor and black ink for these drawings.Thanks for your purchase in my Etsy ;)
BTW the inspiration board in your blog is FANTASTIC! Now I NEED to draw something in orange and green!

Brienne said...

Awesome! I was introduced to your art through rare bird finds and bought the retro bubbles, love birds and birds in a tree. All orange, brown and green of course :) Thanks again!