Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

These weekend is going to be really busy in this town ;) Looks like next week I’ll have a little hurricane near my backyard and that means I have to be ready! And with be ready I mean I have to prepare what I’m going to do if we don’t have power! The only good thing is NOW we have a generator, and that rocks. The bad thing is I don’t have idea how to run the generator and I’m going to be alone because the boy is still up in Ohio! Hopefully I can always count with my wonderful neighbors ;) Indeed we got a HUGE generator thinking in run the electricity in both houses. At least I know if something happens (with the power) my fridge and AC will be working and I can use candles to work my crafts. So my plan this weekend is do everything I have to do in my computer (like finish the calendars) and Monday I can send all to print. If Ike comes during the week I can have all ready to just cut and pack calendars.

Now I have to run because I have a “virtual” family party tonight ;) My sister, BIL and parents will call tonight via Skype!

Before I leave I want to show you something. Usually I send a blank card (with one of my designs) in each one of the orders I get. Today I decide to design a postcard (blank in the back) to include a couple in the orders, I hope people liked!
Here the front:

Have a great weekend and see you soon ;)

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