Monday, September 15, 2008

End of Summer?

Early this morning I was reading K. Barteski Blog (I love her work and her blog is great!) and I got jealous. I don’t think my tropical body can survive winter in Canada but I NEED FALL PEOPLE! Miami is cool. Yes, but 84° F (feels like 97° with 80% of humidity) IS NOT FUN. Enough of Summer, ok? And the worst part? Honestly we don’t have Fall, indeed I don’t think we have Winter. I look forward for Christmas up North!!!
Ok. No more complains about beautiful Miami's weather :)I have a couple of more interesting notes here.
First, I watched a lot of Football games during the weekend and I manage to enjoy the games and also work in some new artwork! I’ll publish these ones in my shop soon:
And… I decide to have a super duper offer for the rest of September!
I’m off to work in some new products for my shop.
See you soon!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

i love your new pieces! the green one is my favorite. :)