Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is getting better

Yes, life is getting better. I have been 5 years and a half here in US and in the first 5 years I took maybe 2 vacations. And now in 2008 I’m going out for my SECOND (maybe third if I count my vacation in-town) vacation time this year! And again I’m going to see my BF family… YUPIIIII.

I’m going with the boy (indeed I’m leaving alone because him is already there) to the Indian Lake to spent a few quiet-nice days up there. I’m really excited about this trip because I’m looking forward to spent some days in the lake with the boy and also I know (during his fishing time) I’ll have some beautiful time to draw and create.

I’ll back next Wednesday and hopefully I’ll have nice pictures and new things to show here. In the meantime see the postcards I draw for a cool swap Amy of purplepinkandorange made! (the picture is BAD… sorry!!!!)

See you soon!

Ops! Almost forgot! I cant believe this is happening, Lisa tagged me :) I’m going to follow the rules but have to be next week!

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