Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome August!!

Last days I have been feeling pretty lazy and with my creativity levels down.. I guess the heat down here in Miami just affect my brain ;) But today I feel different. Today I woke up full of energy and looking forward for this new month. I don’t know why but I can smell in the air something good is going to happen.
I’m so ready to shake this month. You will see ;)
The next days are already full of plans and craft projects. One of the more important thing I’m going to do this weekend is revamp little site. I have been trying to learn out how to do the shopping cart by my own and I realize is not easy :S I decide I’ll just sell using Etsy for now and eventually I’ll hire somebody to work in my shopping cart. In the meantime I’ll re design my site to show my art work and people still can buy in Etsy. Other fantastic thing I’m going to do is a newsletter! YEAAHHH… Monday or Tuesday I’ll be sending out a cool newsletter with a great offer and other nice things.
Now I’m off to work in a digital-scrap project... is a little surprise!!
Happy weekend! And remember…
See you Monday!

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