Monday, August 8, 2011

The whale and the thumb

I had an amazing productive weekend… and I think I got 5 lbs more because I ate like is not tomorrow ;)
Soooo… I finished the whale I was working on last week! Yes… that was a whale, obviously, right?


I was a little bit afraid because out of the blue I decided to make a little collage/ découpe thing in the artwork and I was afraid wasn’t going to look good PLUS would take days.


I can happily report, the idea wasn’t bad at all. Indeed I like it a lot and I start doing more artwork with that mixed media style.

In other news… you remember I told you I got a cut in my thumb? Six stitches. Ouch! And 7 days with heavy antibiotics (because got badly infected) .Well, my thumb right now is a rock start! Perfectly heal and working great. I’m super happy I didn’t lost any nerves feeling, because I really need the tip of my thumb when I’m drawing ;) I’m really happy…. BUT I don’t know how this happen but for some reason my thumb now have a bump.


I guess I have an accumulation of scar tissue or something like that. Whatever... I don’t care, I wasn’t planning to be a hands model :P


Happy Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Hahah! You're so funny. Beauty and the beast!

Nicki said...

This is sooooo funny.... LOLOL
Probably scar tissue under the scar :)

aimee said...

i LOVE the decoupaged background -- i hope you do more of those! as for your poor thumb, sometimes we have to suffer for art! :)

Anne-Marie said...

The whale turned out amazing! Love it with the added map decoupage for the background. Also, I'm glad that your stitches didn't ruin any life long dreams to hand model LOL!

Tyggereye said...

I love your whale painting/mixed media painting. AWESOME/AMAZING. Your finger totally made me gasp. eek! Poor thumb :(