Friday, August 19, 2011

Giveaway Day!

It's Friday! Time to celebrate :)

Leave a comment telling me your plans for the weekend and you will participate in the giveaway of "The Elephant" print on canvas.


This piece is printed on canvas fabric, and stretched over a strong anti-warping stretcher (wooden frame)
The canvas measures 14"x 11" x 1" inches and it's printed on the sides. Ready to hang ;)

You have 3 days to participate in this giveaway. I'll randomly pick the lucky winner on Monday August 22.
Have fun!!!

Happy Friday :)


Anonymous said...

WOOO HOO!! What an awesome giveaway!!!

My plans for the weekend are as follows:

*Wake up wickedly early to trek to the Spiral Path Farms to participate in Open Farm day tomorrow morning.
*Go home, wash the dirt off and trek to NJ for a bachelorette party for Wedding 2 of 3 I am in this fall.
*Help assemble decor for bridal shower 3 of 3 I am in this fall.
*Trek back to PA.
*chill with dogs.

Keeping fingers crossed I win!! :)


Sharon Turner said...

oh I'm going to put away the sewing machine and enjoy the sunshine with the kids! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh La La, Nice! Thank you for doing this. In the weekend, I have to go to the beach - haven't done that in a while.

Have a fantastic weekend!


JanetK said...

I am working sat and then heading to the airport...meeting my hubby and friends at Lake of the Ozarks!!

Jill said...

yay! so excited about this! I'm a big fan of your work! my plans for this weekend: send the 2 older boys + the hubs off to camp with boyscouts, then the 4 yr old and I will join them for dinner/campfire, then come home +sleep in my own bed! Got 4 custom order art pieces to work on too!

Melissa I. said...

Good morning! Great giveaway!

This weekend my plans include:

Cleaning house
A trip to Costco
A trip to the park to get in a good walk
Sunday School and Worship Service

Just spending time with my husband and my girls (pets).

Nina said...

Ooh fun stuff. :) This weekend is looking pretty busy!!

- Friend's soccer game Saturday afternoon
- Dinner and shopping with a girlfriend Sat night
- Watertubing adventure ... going to float down a river with a cooler of drinks!
- Hopefully find time to clean my diastrous apartment, take my dog out to play, and PAINT.

Not a bad line up ... ps, I am in love with the new line of duvets with your designs. BEAUTIFUL. I must save up for one.

Hope you have a fun weekend too!!

misslarissabree said...

oh that is my favourite print!

plans this weekend is to do some shopping and go on a little day trip this weekend !

lauGh said...

Hello! i'm sorry but my english is so bad, because i'm from Menorca, Spain ;)

My plans for this wekeend are:

- Participate with the "protective of animals" tomorrow, with a party and many people who help them.

- Give a gift to my sister, because she's pregnant :D.

- Go to the beach with my sister.

- Have a dinner with friends and go party.

- On Monday: have a family day, beach, and working on handcraft gift for my cousin . :)

I hope that you can understand my english hahaha :P

Have a nice wekeend too!! kisses ;) Congratulations for your work! i love it! :)i

Shari said...

What a great giveaway. I love your art!

I plan on spending the weekend making a small quilt from some beautiful french fabrics that I bought a couple years ago!

AshleyRae said...

I LOVE this painting btw! This weekend, I am going to take a field trip to this HUGE antique/flea market (22,000 square feet of fun!) and then I have a big crab feast Saturday night, and relaxing and enjoying my found treasures on Sunday. Happy Friday!

Škorčica said...

Beautiful giveaway!

Because the previous weekend was so rich with roaming around, sightseeing and good food I (think) this one will be much more in "doing nothing" style. :)
Maybe just reading a book?

Thanks for the opportunity.
Wish you lovely weekend, Valentina! :)

RangerGirlfriend said...

This is great - I LOVE this print! I also love that you are doing prints on canvas. Do you think you'll be adding more canvas prints to your shop?

This weekend I'm heading to my cousin's bridal shower and I am SO excited to see all my family :)

After that, unfortunately, I have to go clean/bleach my whole basement apartment in downtown DC which was under about an inch of sewer water this week :/ Ew.

I hope you have cleaner plans and have an amazing weekend!

Taslin said...

My husband is having to work this weekend but not before we have taken the kids swimming. It will be the first time in the pool for my daughter Aysha, she is just 3 months and quite a water baby if her bath times are anything to go by, so looking forward to it.

Dzynmkr said...

My fiance is working all weekend and my youngest daughter is going to her granny's my plans are to take my mom shopping for a belated birthday (Aug. 15) gift. I prefer she pick out what she likes (and we get quality time together!). Then, I plan to make some more mail art packages for my lovely friends.

Mellisa said...

I love this print and know exactly where I would put it! I'm moving in to my very own office next week (I've been sharing space for the last 4 years) and it would bring such cheer to my patients!

My husband's birthday was this week so the weekend will involve going out to our favorite restaurant for a birthday lunch...other than that, fairly low key.

Anonymous said...

working a local craft show on Saturday and friends coming in to town...a great weekend ahead!


Georges Hattab said...
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Cat said...

I am going to cocoon in an attempt to get over a 'nasty' summer cold. Aren't they the worst?
Love your work.
I am the world's most unlucky person, so the fact that I entered will boost everyone elses chances.

Lise said...

After a long week of being sick with a nasty cold I'm hoping to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine. I think a trip to the beach will do the trick.

I love your artwork and this elephant, thanks for the opportunity to win it!

P.S. My birthday is on Wednesday and this would be the perfect present :)

Free Bird Mixed Media Art said...

Hi Valentina.
I came across your work through Kal Barteski's website. I am in love with your style and it feels to me that your honest nature has created a sense that I've known you forever. You definitely inspire me, so thank you for that.
This weekend:
My husband comes home tonight (he works away all week) and I can not wait to see him. We are taking our sweet daughter camping at a local lake where we will fish, boat, paddle, swim and enjoy each other in the last glory days before school starts. Then on Sunday we will return home to prepare my sweetheart to go off to work yet again. It will be fast, but full of fun and memories and love.
Hope your weekend is full of happy too.
Dalyce @ Free Bird Mixed Media ART.

Drea said...

Your work is BEAUTIFUL, so what a wonderful giveaway!
My uncles are in town this weekend so hopefully we'll get some good family time in!

moxiemandie said...

I'm hoping to be SUPER productive in making/filling orders for my shop this evening, and then hopefully spending some fun, quality time with my hubby!

Matthew Cook said...

I'm taking a road trip to my local university. The classics museum there is opening for the school year this saturday and I'm going to practice drawing some of the plaster casts of classical statues they have on display.

- Matthew

Lorrie said...

I am, in no particular order:
1. Painting
2. Cleaning
3. Some web design
4. Shopping.
5. Going to West Dean Gardens to take pictures.
6. Having a curry.

Have a fab one.

Angie said...

I so love your work!

This is the first of 10 days I have off from work... 10 days of staycation!!! My plans include:
* Sleep as much as I want
* Prepare and eat healthy food everyday
* Spend plenty of time outside and take a nice long walk everyday
* Make some pastepapers
* Workup a new series of books
* Post all my current books to Etsy.

Mostly I need to refresh my body and brain.

Thanks for all you share here.

Dyche Designs said...

I am going in for surgery on Monday and am terrified of hospitals so this weekend I'll be doing everything I can to distract myself. I'm hoping to finish some art projects I have on the go (a couple of textured art journals, one large canvas and a hanging heart ornament). Have a great weekend.

Beautiful, generous giveway.

Tyggereye said...

Oh my! What a great giveaway! Lets see tonight is kids sleepover at my house, tomorrow we're going to Fl house that used to be home to Thomas Edison during the winter.
Its in Ft. Myers. Then Sunday is gear up for school starting on Tuesday. :) Hope you have a good weekened.

Nicole said...

Best giveaway! This is the canvas that I wanted to order from urban outfitters but they can't ship it anywhere in canada :( .
This weekend my best friend is coming back into town , she moved away about 3 weeks and I'm super excited!!!! The reason she's coming down is because it's out other best friends birthday this saturday so we are going to go camping and go to some water slides ! Gonna be a super awesome weekend hanging out and partying with all my closest friends!

Have a great weekend !

rupr said...

This weekend is special for me and my darling. We are going to get first degree of reiki.
Wa are not too much NewAge or ezoteric, we just want to try that.

wombat said...

Hello Valentina,

This weekend I will:

* make art
* drive to Refugio beach for a campout!
* walk down the beach, combing for awesome rocks and shells
* tell my life story to a new friend
* snuggle with my beau and our pets :)

amy said...

This is such a wonderful giveaway!

My weekend....

Sleeping in late tomorrow
Dinner with friends

Sunday will be having brunch with a friend and then maybe see a film and catching up on some reading!

Hope that you have a good weekend yourself!

Karen Blados said...

Ooooh, I love this guy!

My plans? Anything the Punks want since they only have four more days of summer vacation.

Colleen said...

I'm an 8th grade teacher just finished with my first week back at school, so I'm relaxing Friday night and then working ALL weekend long!

(but glad to be back - love teaching those kiddos)

TK said...

Valentina, I have been really drawn to your work since I first came across two days ago on the “Uncommon” website. I love elephants and one of my favorite pieces is the Ganesh you painted – he is the elephant headed Hindu Deity who in India is believed to be, “Vignaharta – the remover of obstacles”. He also has more than a hundred names! So the next time you are in trouble, like you were with your thumb, offer it to him and you might get magic!

This weekend is a time for me to heal and seek peace as I have a difficult week coming up.

Anonymous said...

work, work, work

Mia said...

I am going to spend the weekend with my kids. We have soccer practice and lots of laundry to keep us busy. I was so excited for them to get back to school, but after only one week I miss them already. Lots of snuggles on the agenda.

Melinda said...

I'm spending Saturday ferrying my girls to and from dance classes, and working on felted owls for a birthday party surprise for one very special almost 6 year old. Sunday is church and trying to relax a bit before the next school week begins.

Gilda Manfredi said...

Wasn't my plan... but we are all sick [Husband, twins and me] so we have to stay home...definitely I need that Good Luck Elephant in my house!!!


Rosie Brown said...

Valentina, you have such a unique, adorable style and lots of us look up to the way you are marketing yourself. Fantastic!

If the winner is the person with the most fun, interesting weekend, then I guess I already lost, but here is what I am doing:

1. Bring my husband back after dropping off the car for an oil change.
2. Weekly shopping at Publix.
3. A little picking up.
4. Finish up my watercolor entry for the Miami Watercolor Society Fall Exhibit.
5. Call Sunday night and find out if I am picked for jury duty starting Monday.....yuck!

Hope your weekend is better,

Hello, I'm Emily Clare. said...

what a fun giveaway! i'm headed to long beach to help my mom move into her classroom - the school year is starting already! then i'm driving my husband up to santa barbara so he can buy a motorcycle. yikes! :-P

Carrisa said...

I'm going to make peach jam for the first time. yay!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful giveaway!
This weekend, I am moving in to a college dorm for the very first time. In other words, I get to figure out where my room, classes, food, and new friends are. I'm super nervous, but very happy to be in Boulder Colorado. ;)

VO said...

I'm dreaming of a tropical getaway where there are giant flowers and elephants. But when I stop daydreaming I realize I need to do housework. :-)

Victoria Bolton said...

I'm packing to go to the CREATE retreat outside of Chicago. It will be slightly less inspiring than your blog.
YOU should be teaching at Create! Thank you for this nice giveaway!

e said...

since my mother-in-law is in town to watch the baby, i will be going on a date with husband!

p.s. what an awesome giveaway!

Safari Stylista said...

My plans for this weekend are quite simple. I am soaking up the FL sun :) especially because there is a tropical storm that may be approaching. I am a big fan of your work, Valentina!

tanja said...

my plans for the weekend? i´m going to pack my stuff for my holidays, which i´ll spend in berlin and hamburg <3

Liviane said...

OMG How cool! I am visiting with my mom-in-law and settling into our new house. I just bought frames yesterday for your birds that I bought a while back. I'll be putting them up! Yay - finally! A home worthy of them! :)

Kelsievw said...

I have worked all weekend! Babysat five kids Friday night, ages 6, 10, 10, 11, and 12. Then Saturdays I nanny for a 4 year old little girl. And today I got up nice and early to head to the church where I work in the preschool! I'll be headed back for night service in a few hours.

Rabbit in the Rain said...

It's Sunday night, here's what we did: made homemade bread, lemon squares, and yeast rolls, swimming, sleeping, discovered the toad in our sandbox had babies, played with friends, painted, watched a movie, more sleeping, smooches with yummy hubby, snuggles with little one, coordinated an upcoming potluck, went to a star gazing party out on a nature trail, Saturday night bookstore, and had one delicious nap! Hope your weekend was lovely.

HollyM said...

I love your art work! I did most of what I planned-- swam at he beach, went golfing and biking. It was too nice out to spend much time in my sewing studio.

eloise said...

just discovered your artwork! i'm following you now - incredible -
this weekend i was in a fall mood, so i added some autumn to the house & pretended it's not 90 too much outside

Rae said...

My weekend plans were to get some much needed rest with the hubs and survive the heat! I would love love to win!! Rae

danielle @ take heart said...

i hope you haven't already closed this because i reallllly need this :) our weekend was filled with house projects. xoxo friend.