Friday, August 26, 2011

Pattern Challenge on Threadless!

Threadless now have a ongoing Pattern Challenge. For now they are accepting designs which will be printed on tons of different types of products.
Of course, I could pass the opportunity to send one design! I'm planning to do, more but first I wanted to see how much "success" I could have accumulation scores. I'm kind of new on Threadless, and I don't know how they pick the designs or if is all base on the public "scores". I guess I will learn.. eventually!
If you want to help me to get a high score and star having my design in other products, you can go and "score" design and my "Doodles" here. If I get a lot of votes I may end up on a bunch of different products - tees, scarves, wall decals, tote bags, and more! yeahhh :)


Click here to Vote... And thanks in advance for your help!

Happy weekend


lauGh said...

Yo voto por ti! eres una inspiración para cualquier persona, me encanta todo lo que haces :) Ayer mismo recibí mi funda para Macbook con uno de tus diseños, me encantan! ;)

Un beso desde Menorca ;)

Traci said...

Beautiful! It's nice to see your designs on a large scale like that :)

Stephanie said...

Ay, nena, que arte tan HERMOSO! Te descubri via Pinterest y quiero seguir tu blog, pero no puedo hallar el "Join" or "Follow" boton...