Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The elephant and the birds

Finally I did a little refreshment to my blog! What you think? I'm still working in some details and some not finish pages, like the one for freebies and the one for the graphic design services ;) Now I'll be offering blog header design, custom background patterns, customs blogger templates, etc, to make your blog prettier ;) Sooo that is the plan! but still working on the details.

The last days I have been working in a couple of special projects, like the new calendars for 2011! (and honestly that make me a little sad because I cant believe 2010 is near to depart). I'm still working on my affirmation drawings but I cant show you all the drawings because I'm planning something super duper special with that project. And still doing my "daily" drawings and here and there I found time to squeeze a original canvas paint! Yeah... I know sound like I do a lot of things, and maybe is true, but so far I don't have kids and I can play the productive role ;)

OK. Enough talking. Let me show you some pictures.
This is my "daily drawing". It's more like a little "mixed media drawing". I painted the little birds in illustration board with ink. Everything was cute and perfect until I decide to start coloring some parts with my markers :S NOT a good idea. In some point I decided my plan totally fail and to save the birds I cut the part I already painted with the markers. I took some blue and green paint chip samples and glued on other card stock and put the birds on top of that. And ta-dah! I saved the birds ;)

2 little birds
2 little birds details

And this one is my new love. I was painted this elephant to participate in the "Flora & Fauna" Exhibit" at the GroveHouse Artists Gallery but I didn't finish it one time :( sniff, sniff.. But it's OK. Now he is on my Etsy shop.

The elephant

Ok. Now I have to prepare the Newsletter I'm going to send tomorrow to celebrate September. Next month is going to be super duper AWESOME!!!!


lori vliegen said...

i love your new blog look......of course, your blog always looks very cheery, colorful, and super artsy!!! your birds and your elephant paintings are absolutely spectacular!!!! true masterpieces!! xox, :))

Tara said...

WOW! Looks great to me. That elephant is awesome. You go girl!

Louise Gale said...

Your new look blog is great Valentina. Cant wait to hear more about your affirmation drawings....love the ones ive seen so far. Hope you are having a great week so far. xx

Jhoanna's craft said...

oh my gosh!!!=)i super love your work..awesome!it is so unique and full of passion..--->from Philippines