Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily drawing :)

Good Morning people! I woke up today with tons of energies and I feel pretty good :)
Here the artwork for my new “daily” drawing project:
I painted this flower in a 6 x 8 (inches) illustration board with acrylic and of course with ink and my favorite pen. And if you like it, you can just buy it here on my blog!

The flower in yellow (details)

The flower in yellow

The Flower in Yellow ~ SOLD

And I have something else to show you. I made this Giraffe a few days ago and I think its’ my favorite drawing right now. Giraffe are symbol of intuition and flexibility. The Giraffe’s message encourages us to move beyond our circumstances. Don’t be afraid to stretch for what you want out of life.
Sounds awesome!

The giraffe

If you want, you can get your giraffe in my shop ;) And also you can get a t-shirt or/and a laptop (or iPhone) skin in my Society6 shop!

Ok. Time to work.
Have a lovely Thursday!

P.S: rememeber you can comment in the giveaway post (click here!) to participate and win one of my original artwork!

1 comment:

Tyggereye said...

Okay that giraffe is amazing. Beyond amazing. If I had an Iphone I would want that on the back of my phone PRONTO. You are going to sell a million of those! Too cute. The flowers work perfect with it. Great work.