Thursday, August 26, 2010

The inspiration behind my work

Sometimes the inspiration, ideas or solutions comes from really unexpected sources, right?
Here a few examples:
1.) This is the little drawing I made Tuesday. I have to recognize I’m a little bit silly and I laugh and enjoy really simple things. I made this little drawing because I like to have cute reminders of simple happy things around me in my studio. I put this drawing near my computer, and every time I turn my head and see the Little Owl, I just smile and say “hello” in my mind… Silly, right? But it’s cute and really make me smile :P

This owl was painted with acrylic and ink on a 6x6 illustration board

Hello little Owl details
Hello little Owl details
Little Owl ~ $15 + $3 shipping

2.) Yesterday morning, my sweet husband told me we’re going to have a sushi dinner that day. Me, big smile and instant happiness. Of course I spend the rest of the day just thinking and savoring the food in my mind. And of course, I draw some sushi because that was the only thing in my mind!
Also, yesterday when I was working on my sushi (the painting no cooking) a friend sent me this link. I was (I’m) so happy because The Storque decided to use my sushi drawing in that post! I swear was a big coincident!

Yummy sushi painted with markers and ink on 6x6 illustration board.

Have sushi!
Sushi details
Sushi $22 + $3 shipping

3.) This week Spoonflower contest theme is “Tractor”. I wasn’t planning to participate because I can’t find a tractor and attractive subject for a design. I was explaining to my husband about the theme, and he told me: You should just put a picture of yourself and send it like your design for that theme. You know why that guy said that? Because he calls me “Little Tractor” because he say I made “little tractor” noises when I’m sleeping. ME??? No way ;) Sweet husband, right?

Sooo… I design a “Little Tractor” fabric.

You can see all the designs here.

See you later!!!


Rebekah Leigh said...

Very cool images! I really like your little owl, he is a sweetie, and the tractor pattern is lovely!

Santa Imaginação said...

I love owl!!!!So cute.....
Wonderful works!!!

Maggi Co said...

¡Al fin alguien que habla español! Acado de descubir tu blog... Llegué a él desde el blog "We blog artists" (por el Sketchbook project 2011).
Leí tu entrevista y me encantó; ahora tu arte.
Los grafismos son impresionantes.

Un saludo