Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Buy ONE get ONE FREE Super Special!

Happy September!
This month it's going to be *AWESOME*. I have a reasons to celebrate, but I'll tell you about those things later ;)
Right now, I want to celebrate with you with this special offer.

Starting on Wednesday September 1, 2010 until Friday September 3, 2010
Purchase any PRINT in my Etsy Shop and you will get a FREE PRINT!
Send me a little note in the “message to seller” or email me to let me know which free print you want.

Click here to check my Etsy Now!
(Limit one free print per order)

It's not great? ;) You can start getting Holiday presents right now!

Sooo... Say Hello to September!

Click here to download this super cute print. This is a present for you, please, remember it's only for your personal use, ok?

Love Love and Happy September!


Constant Catwalk said...

Your work is amazing! i am Mesmerized ! i featured you on my blog!:)!
Hope its ok!

Lori said...

yay! two for one. I'm linking to you on twitter now because that's too great to miss.

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Trish said...

Thank you. :)