Friday, September 3, 2010

Dont miss the Super Special ;)

The super special Buy ONE get ONE FREE it’s going to end tonight… hurry up! ;)

Buy one get one FREE

I’m getting ready to enjoy the first weekend of September. I already have a basic plan for the next three days.
Tonight, Mr. Harper I will go to our favorite spots and enjoy some beers with friends.

The rest of the weekend I guess we’ll stay at home. We’ll have some (a lot) of YUMMY food. We’ll chill in the couch with some movies. He will do some “work” in his computer, and hopefully, this girl is going to take care of these wonderful things.

My weekend

Don’t miss the Super Special and happy long weekend!


Anne-Marie said...

I love your designs. They are so inspirational!

Have a great weekend! Relaxing with good food and friends sounds perfect!

Krista said...

I am SO glad you stopped by my blog because now I have fell in love with your work! Beautiful and inspiring stuff you got here!!

Signe said...

Wow, you are just unbelievable talented! Love your work :)

Louise Gale said...

So lovely seeing all your work together, so inspiring and gorgeous Valentina. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend and not "working" too much. Xx

Diana Mieczan said...

OMG...I totally love your work...I posted a few of your poster before:) I am such a fan:)...Wish you a wonderful long weekend...Your plan sounds wonderful:) That is such a sweet photo:)
Kisses and I hope to see you soon:)

designjr said...

A friend has just referred me to your blog and I absolutely love it! Birds, owls, food...all the best things in life :-) Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Leaves and Feathers said...

Happy long weekend to you, your plans sound great, I hope that it was wonderful! xo

Dionne said...

Such cute buttons! And you two are so cute together!