Friday, March 27, 2009

Give it away

Believe it or not this is my post #100! Honestly, I can’t believe it! When I start this blog I wasn’t sure what to do and I was really afraid people were mean about my no-good-at-all English grammar… But here I’m 100 posts people! Thank everyone of you for comments, words and support during this wonderful time ;)
So… I want to say THANKS but also give you something else. I believe in this life (and maybe in others, who knows???) you receive what you give. I want to give love and abundance to everybody. What a better place to receive and get a daily dose of abundance than Pecannoot?? Jess made Pecannoot to share with the world pictures and images to lift our spirits and bring our dreams into being.
I want to give you this little present. If you like this image, go and check this post to download the image in high resolution :)

And , of course here is my ACEO of the day!

Come back Monday, I have other news to share with you.
Happy weekend, and remember to give a lot of love and abundance :)


aimee said...

great post on pecannoot - your work fits perfectly there. and your trading cards are turning out beautifully!

trishia said...

Valentina, I just found your blog last month and immediately shared it with my mother, we are both in love! I have five children who take up gobs and gobs of my day- your blog is such a refreshing moment in the beautiful chaos of my life.

As for your worries over your less-than-perfect English grammar, I think it is enchanting! The rare times you write something in the not-so-proper form are like little jewels to me, I love reading them. It is like art with words, you get the point across, but in a more poetic manner. love it!

thank you ever so much for your gift of the print, I will be printing one for my bedroom. :)

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks Aimee... BTW so cool to see your work here

Trishia, THANK YOU for your words :) You make my day. I know my English is not at all perfect, but still I should feel proud because I learned by myself, no books no Rosseta Stone :)

joanne said...

you communicate in language of the heart... which is universal for those willing to open theirs and let it in... your artwork is just stunning... and your heart is an inspiration and an example for all of us to follow...

happy blog milestone day! 100 posts!

Leah said...

yay! I just love your work. Congrats on 100 posts! Here's to many, many more!!

I'm curious, what materials do you use? Do you have favorite pens, markers, paint?

Nessie Noodle said...

so glad I found your site.
thanks so much for sharing your lovely work!

Cathy Nichols Art said...

This aceo card is gorgeous. It really looks like a flower brimming with its own abundance. I adore this image!

tdate19 said...

WOW!!!! Love your work! Thanks SO much for sharing!!!!

L'Atelier said...

congratulations! i am not far off my hundreds either!
thanks for your inspirational post
i definitly wanna trade, so will get cracking on those aceo- just one question, what size do you do them? 2.5on 3.5" ?
have a great weekend

~Valentina~ said...

Leah, my favorite tool is my Rapidograph :)

L'Atelier, yes the ACEOs are 2.5 x 3.5