Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stay Focused

Remember I told you yesterday I was planning to paint and paint and paint ans finished those 5 little canvases? Well, that was my plan, but in some point during the day I found myself coloring in illustrator this drawing

It's all in your head

and finishing this one

Year of the Dragon

Why if I KNOW I have a painting deadline I star working in other projects? It's like in my mind I don't have priorities and I jump from one project to another... And you will see me 2 weeks before the show working like a mad girl! Why I always do that?

I really need to learn to keep my attention AND intentions in one thing at the time. How you do that?
I'm going to print this image and carry it with me 24/7. I need to Stay Focused.

Stay Focused!

How you stay focused?


Adry Bonet said...

Love your work! I bought Mr. Pavo from you this past Saturday at the Miracle Mile event; glad to have found your work :-)

Sue Allemand said...

WOW! Me too Valentina! That's always my problem - I can't stay focused! Too much art to make...too little time! :) Love your designs! Take Care!