Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flowers and a card

Today is my wedding anniversary. Two awesome years with a really amazing guy. I told Andrew I don't want presents or anything, just go out and have dinner and I think that is cool enough. Well, he couldn't help and sent me flowers. LOVE IT :). He called a local florist and order this beautiful flowers,


Are not super duper beautiful?

But to be honest the best part was the card...


When I opened the card, I had to double check the card and flowers where really for me, because to be honest, that message DOESN'T MAKE sense to me. "It was great to see you"? Compian? Mi no understand.
Well, I sent a text to Andrew and I told you I got the most beautiful flowers and he was happy I liked, and I told him about the card, because, what was that?
And we "laughed" because when he called to order the flowers he asked to include a card with the message:

"Baby, it's been a great two years. Love Pumpkin"

You can bet I will save this card for evahhh!

P.S: Yes, I call my husband Pumpkin and sometimes Pump... I have no shame.


Nicki said...

This is soooooooooo funny. LOLOL Clearly someone took the message that does not speak English in the first place....... LOL

Rosie Brown said...

That is toooo funny! Yes, you must save it forever.


Inner Toddler said...

happy anniversary! that card is hilarious. but the flowers are indeed super duper beautiful. besos for you and pumpkin