Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 goals, intentions, plans, ideas...

I guess many of you already jumped into 2012 with all your Goals and Plans set. I have all my main goals ready for this year, but I have been adding and editing that list many times. I think I have way to many ideas and plans jumping in my head and I'm getting seriously anxious about setting priorities. I decided I'm going to work in 5 main goals this year. I think I can reach those 5 goals, but at the same time I start getting more ideas and things I *believe* I can accomplish. The only way I can keep track of my plans is writing everything down, in that way I can keep track of the things I suppose to do, right?
I made for myself a little page where I can write down the ideas, and I think maybe you will want to use it too ;)

You can click here and download your 2012 Goals page!

2012 Goals - ValentinaDesign

Do you already set your plans?
Let's talk more about our cool plans next week!


Michelle said...

Love it! Just what I need to stay on track. Thanks for sharing :)

Steph said...

Thank you Valentina!

I really love this, and I appreciate that you made it downloadable.

I printed it out and made it the inside cover of my planner this year. It's so cheerful and inspiring now!

I hope you have a great year!

Lorrie said...

I think that is fabulous Valentina. In truth I haven't even set my artistic and profressional goals yet, just personal resolutions.

I will download this, print it and write mine out, look out for my blog post featuring your cool page.

Best wishes hun and happy new year
Lorrie x

Lorrie said...

Hello Valentina..
As you can see, I used your fabulous 2012 Goals page, many thanks.

Best wishes
Lorrie xx