Monday, January 23, 2012

painting, painting, painting... and watching football

That is what I did the whole weekend. I spent a lot of time painting... and watching football. BTW, Go Giants! Yeahhh I like football and one of my favorites team is Giants, just because I really like the quarterback :P

In 5 weeks I will be participating in the South Miami Rotary Art Festival and hopefully, at the Carnaval on the Mile. That means, during the next 5 weeks I'll be painting non stop ;) Love that!

The painting party start last Friday.
I make a little pile with all the blank canvases I had in my closet and start thinking: what I'm going to paint now?


I decided to don't over think any thing and just take a few of the little canvases (6x6) and star painting.
I draw some images with pencil and had fun with the paints!


Now these canvases are color ready and it's time to start adding the ink. I'm planning to finish these 5 canvases by the end of the week. Sounds crazy. right? Well... wish me luck!


Ok... and what I'm going to paint in the other 17 canvases?
I need some fresh ideas ;)

Happy week!


Claire Caudwell said...

Hi Valentina :)

I really really really love your work and blog and you are a big inspiration to me!

Maybe you could paint/draw houses, trees, birds, food for kitchen paintings??

Good luck (not that you need it!) with the events you are going too. I think that they will be amazing!


Virginia said...

Great stuff! How about a peacock?