Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playing with paint

...And after the background on my canvases is dry and ready, I take my pencil and draw something... like birds ;)


Now it's time to put some colors on inside those lines


and now my favorite part... hours of quality time with my pen


and the little bird is ready ;)


Happy Thursday!


Duru said...

wow! You're awesome Valentina!! (: i love your drawings!

Scarlet said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork...and the process. Inspirational!

AshleyRae said...

I love seeing your process it's pretty amazing! You might have answered this or plan to later, but could you do a post on the pens/markers you use for the detail work? I'd be interested to see what you use, I always worry about smearing when I'm overlaying pen on top of paint.


Alicia said...

Realmente bellos Valentina, qué trabajo y que preciosidad. Sigue así. Un saludo