Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How I prepare my canvases - Step 2

I got a couple of questions regarding what I do after I prepared my canvases (with the newspaper and "engrudo" mix). Well here what I do... it's pretty simple ;)
After my little canvases are totally dry, I paint the background. I don't use gesso because (to me) after covering the canvas with the paper and the paste, the surface is ready to paint. Of course, this is the way I do it, and not sure if it's a right or wrong way to prepare your own canvas ;)
Usually I paint the canvas white before adding colors. Sometimes I go ahead and skip the white and I use the color I want to use for the background, but that happen when I already know what I'm going to do in that canvas. Because the way I cover my canvases is a little bit time consuming and REALLY messy, I prefer to do a lot of canvases at the same time, and paint all the backgrounds at the same time too.
For this part of the process I use whatever paints I have around ;) I really never use white white background on my art, it's more like a mix of white with sand color.


See? they don't look white-white

For those canvases I used a mix of all these paints.


Stay tuned for the next step!
Happy awesome Wednesday!


Courtney S said...

I tried this process because I hate those little dips in the canvas... I really like the way it turned out! You mentioned a "next step" ?

Virginia said...

Can't wait for step 3, but no hurries will be doing step one on some oldies I have tomorrow.