Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Implementing changes

I always have good ideas on how to organize my time but I have a serious trouble in the implementing process. I think my problem is the desire to make the prefect schedule and making all the changes at the same time. Let's get serious here, of course I cannot change and improve everything in just a day.. not even in a week (or month!). So... how about baby steps?

I'll start making changes and improving things on my schedule and I'll tell you the basic things I'm going to do. Maybe some of these steps are good for you too!

Right now is:


What I'm going to do?
1.- Make a To Do list first thing in the morning.
I need a to do list ALL THE TIME but I guess I'll be more efficient if I write my list first thing in the morning... before checking my email.

2.- Set the 3 more important things I have to do today.

Many times my lists can be super overwhelming, for that reason I will make the list but I will mark which 3 things are the more important. I will work on those task, and if I have time, I'll tackle more things.

3.- Disconnect from internet while I'm working on NO internet related tasks.
Internet is taking away half of my productive time! I don't know why I have to check weather.com 20 times a day.

4.- Set "email check" times.
I suffer of a compulsive disorder. I have to check my email every 2 minutes. It's ridiculous. Why I have to do that? Well, NO MAS. Now I'll set times to check the email AND I will do thing like: I cannot check my email until I finish one or two of my to do list tasks.

5.- Use a timer.
If I really want to be productive, I need to organize my time, right? Well, I need to set times per task. Sometimes I'm preparing some files, or doing a new design, or working in a new canvas and I can spent hours doing one of those things AND looking at the window, you know what I mean? Now I have to FOCUS on what I'm doing and stop looking how the grass is growing outside. I'll set a timer.

Those are the basic steps/changes I'll incorporate in my basic routine. In a few days I'll see if those changes work or if I need to do some adjustment.
And little by little I'll start adding more changes... Stay tune ;)

What do you if you need to focus in some specific tasks?
I would love to know what else I should be doing!


Christina Nina said...

Hello there,
I really enjoy looking at your art, so I follow your blog. I read your post and thought of this application for MACs (I am not sure if PC has) but thought I would share with you regardless. http://www.hackcollege.com/blog/2010/6/17/stay-focused-with-selfcontrol.html
The app keeps you focused on specific websites, so you can still access, you just do not spend extra frivolous time.
I hope this helps and have a good day.

Karla Dornacher said...

Oh Valentina... I feel your pain... I have some of those same issues!! I am a list writer also and find them helpful. I've also found that writing your list the night before helps you get up with a greater sense of motivation towards the projects you're going to tackle. NOTE TO SELF... less time on internet!! Bless you as you journey forward... one baby step at a time my friend!

leafonatree said...

These are great ideas. I have to be careful with my "to do" lists because I tend to write things like "clean the house" or "complete _______ project". I have to remind myself to break things down into manageable tasks, such as "clean off the coffee table" or "finish hem on dress". It feels good to actually check things off my list, regardless of the size of the task. Good luck! Have a great weekend.

Lorrie said...

Very much related to this Valentina...and added some thoughts and perspective of my own.


Good luck with the new regime hun, hope you manage to stick to it.


Mary V said...

Some good ideas here! I really need to adopt some of them...getting away from the computer is the Number One thing that would help me in gaining more productive time! Sometimes I even shove it under the couch. hehe!

HollyM said...

I do a lot of what you do. I usually do the list before bed, sometimes while sitting in be, because I can't sleep until I do.
Then I set priorities.
Finally, I check my email and some blogs with morning tea and I turn off the computer until lunch time and then again until supper time usually.
While I don't do my art work necessarily to earn a salary, I can get awfully sidetracked if I leave my computer on.