Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Random

1.- Last week Spoonflower fabrics contest was “Squid”. For some inexplicable reason, I didn’t show you my submission… and I didn’t ask you to vote for me! Weird right? Well, this was my submission. And you want to know something? I finished 2nd! Go cuteness ;)

Under the Sea

2.- And because cuteness is always good, I decided to participate in the Project Selvage, A competition to find Michael Miller Fabrics’ next licensed designer! Cool, right? Well, the theme for the competition is Baby Boy Print, and I think boys always love Dinosaurs, right? Here my submission:

Baby Dino. Fabric design

You can read more about Project Selvage here.

3.- I always wanted to draw a whale, and finally last week I finished one I start like 3 weeks ago. My dear whale looks like this:


And after scanning and coloring in illustrator, I uploaded the print in my Society6 shop and now created some cool things like the laptop skin, iPhone case and t-shirt. Mr. Harper picked the name (because that is his job in this business!). Meet Deep Violet:


4.- Last weekend I had an amazing fun showcase at The Stage in the Miami Design District. The picture is really bad because (as usual!) I didn’t have my camera and my iPhone 3 it’s not so good for taking pictures, but you can get the idea of how the wall looks.

The Stage. Miami Design District

5.- Talking about shows. I’m looking forward to create a lot of art right now. I have been trying to find a balance between creating original artwork on canvas and creating art to license. Right now I’m feeling the need to paint. To paint A LOT. I love to paint for the sake of painting, but I realize I’m a lot of more productive and a lot more focus if I have a specific goal in my mind. Right now I’m looking for places where I can show/sale my work. Galleries, stores, restaurants, bar, lounge, you name it... I want to be in a group show or in a solo show! I want to paint AND have a place to show the artwork. You know or you own a place where you my artwork fit? Well, send me an email and we can start planning! ;)

6.- And talking about painting. I have these 2 canvases looking at me here in my studio... IMG_0102

I dont usually paint in large scale. The biggest piece I had made is a 24x20 elephant (my actual favorite piece). But these 2 canvases have been patiently waiting for me. 24x30. Hhhmmm... I think I’m ready to tackle this project this week, but I don’t know what to paint! What you think? Suggestions?

Happy random Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

The whale is really cool!

As far as suggestions go, have you ever painted a rhino? I'd love to see your take on that. And of course more beautiful flowers are always wonderful. The sky is the limit!

lori vliegen said...

congratulations on placing 2nd over at spoonflower!! your designs are fabulous! and speaking of fabulous......oh my goodness, that whale is
a-maz-ing!! wow! xo

Anonymous said...

oops. I realized after I posted my comment that I meant a hippo. I have no idea why I wrote the wrong animal down! Silly Shanna can't type and think at the same time.

Melissa I. said...

I don't just like that whale - I NEED that whale in the form of an iphone 4 skin! I am putting that on my birthday list!

I love the fabrics for kids! Super fun!

I don't have any suggestions. Paint from your heart, as always. I have a box of 5 - 30x40 canvases and have been mulling over a major project as a gift to my husband...and I'm not even a painter. I just L.O.V.E. art of all kinds.

Have an awesome day!

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks for the comments and ideas!
Shanna, I think a Hippo will be super cool!. Thank you ;)
BTW, I already made a Rhino

Kviddevitt said...


I found you via "Cherry Blossom blog"...

Oh my god! Your drawings! How beautiful? You´ve got so much talent!