Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carnaval on the Mile 2011


Last weekend I participated at the Carnaval on The Mile festival. I had tons of fun and I really enjoyed my time there. Monetarily speaking, I think the show was a success because I was prepared of what to expect. The festival was free entrance for the attendees and has TONS of free concerts in different stages, free children activities, great food and A LOT of wonderful art and craft. I knew (well, I suspect) the festival was going to be pack with tons of family who were willing to spent the weekend surrounded with awesome (free) music, have some drinks and eat… and of course wondering around the art tents, but not willing to spent the big bucks on art but always happy if they could get a little bit art for little money. Of course in that kind of festival you can find people who is looking to buy a nice piece of art regardless the price, and you have to be ready for that, but my focus for the festival was having TONS of prints in different sizes/ different prices.


Also I had a lot of my original art, because that is what I do, and with the original it’s easy to explain my technique ;) I think I did well. I sold a lot of prints in all sizes (11x14, 8x10, 5x7, 4x6) and I recover every singles penny I invest for the show with some profit. Also, I made some really good contacts and that is always awesome!


And definitely, one of my favorite’s things of doing shows is seeing all my friends! It’s like having a personal party. I love it!
This was my first 2 days show, and was fun, but honestly, I think for the future I will sick with one day shows only. I was exhausted! It’s A LOT of work and definitely you need help. Andrew and I were there to setup at 6 am on Saturday morning and we closed the tent at 11:00pm, and Sunday we worked form 10:00 am until 9:00pm. My body was in some much pain! Yeah.. definitely I’m soooo out of shape :P
If you ask me for a little advice after my experience, I will hardly recommend you to know which the target of the festival is. I believe if people have to pay an entrance to go to the festival, they will go to buy. If the show is a free festival for all age groups, I think they will go to wonder around and just spent a great day outside. I think you always have to be prepared and try to have items in different prices. AND please, don’t forget TONS and TONS of business cards… and comfy shoes ;)

P.D: Sorry the bad pictures! I didnt have much time to take better ones.

Happy Thursday!!!


SooZeQue said...

Valentina, I love looking at your designs. Have you thought of silk screening these on t-shirts. I'd love to wear one of those designs. There so unique and gorgeous.

Inner Toddler said...

That backdrop is unbelievable. I see amazing quilts in your future...and you look adorable. Your booth pops rights out of the show!

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks Thanks Thanks :)
SooZeque, you can see some of my designs on t-shirts here:

Susie, thank you for your comment! The backdrop was a hit! I made it to fill up the tent and showing my designs on fabric and people really love it :)

Dyche Designs said...

Your setup looks great, your work is so beautiful.

elisa said...

Estoy segura que tu arte le gustó a todo el mundo. ¡¡Eres genial!!

Gracias por compartir

michelle allen said...

your display looks great and you are so cute! :) i miss the art show days.

Jessica Figueiredo said...

ohh!! I loved your job!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!

Rebekah Leigh said...

wow Valentina! I was just reading back through your blog as I haven't had much time to keep up lately.Your art work looks fabulous at the market and that backdrop is just the best Idea. You have made SO many patterns and designs..I love seeing how your work has evolved over the past few years.Your advice for the market is also so helpful to me as I am looking to do markets soon. As always I'm inspired!