Thursday, March 24, 2011

All freebies!

After almost 400 posts, yesterday I decided to “tag” my posts. Crazy idea! Well… I create an irrational list of categories and tried to tag the posts. I only did 100… more than enough! But I think I will have to re create those categories, because in general lines they are a tad weird. Like I have new products, my designs, new prints, new work… What??? All those tags should be only ONE tag, right?

Well… I will try to fix it (some day in 2014), but one thing I found cool is to have all the little freebies and download in just one place! Now if you click in the tab “free downloads” in the top navigation, you can find all the post I had made with little freebies! I think they are around 23 little things there. Hope all the links are still working ;)


Enjoy it!!!


Gloria said...

Hi Valentina, nice to meet you. I came via Michelles blogs. Oh thank you. I d/loaded the spring pages. Very nice. I like your blog and shall be back when time allows. Thanks again.

Melissa I. said...

Just found you via Michelle Allen. WOW! Can't wait to explore all of your postings. Yes, all 400! Have an awesome weekend!

Liz said...

You crack me up Valentina... do you do the same as me: get the idea to get organised, and then before I know it, my method of organisation has meandered away from me, and I am still disorganised! Yay for Spring Cleaning!

Lidón said...

Nice!I found your blog via a pin on Pintarest. I'm your new follower and invite you to see my craft blog ;)