Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Perfect Town

I was so happy last week with the weather… soooo happy. A little chilly, nice sunny, beautiful blue sky. PERFECT. Now, that is OVER. Ok, no 100% over but near, really near. I can’t complaint AT ALL because is a lot of people freezing right now and I understand a lot of people would love to live and play here in Miami. Don’t get me wrong, I love Miami, I mean I *LOVE* Coconut Grove (where I live) but this girl dream with live some day in a magic place like this one ;)
I made this drawing to use in my homepage and today I made the digital colored version.
When my sister saw the drawing, she thought is a perfect mix between a little village in Venezuela called Colonia Tovar and the beach. And I think my little sis is a genius, because that will be FANTASTIC!

Time to stop dreaming with the perfect and back to my paints!
See you soon :)


Katy said...

That picture is wonderful i love it! You need to start selling fabric so i can buy some and make a bag out of it!

aimee said...

hi, valentina - thank you for your encouraging comments about my doodleshirts - and WOW!! i LOVE your doodles...they're fabulous! i'm putting you in my 'inspired by' list of blogs right now!

i'll be back :)