Thursday, May 22, 2008

Me and my little rituals

Me and my little rituals
I’m a simple girl. I’m a HAPPY simple girl and for that reason I enjoy my little rituals. I have my coffe/emails/blogs ritual every morning. PERFECT. But my favorite ritual is the meditation/reiki ritual.

Every morning after the time I go to my “disaster room” to dream a little bit about my new wonderful plans. The “disaster room” is the guest room, and at the same time my storage-half studio. Today before I start my ritual I looked around and realize I have way to much things in that room and DEFINETLY I have to clean up that disaster. In my mind (or maybe aloud… normal, I talk with myself) I said: "Oiisscchh, I really have to clean this disaster, I have a lot A LOT of things I don’t use or/and I don’t need at all, I have to clean up my old supplies… Definitely Valentina if you’re really working in your life/goals, the first things you should do is clean your path to get ready for the new one”
After that I start my simple ritual:
- Meditation
- Reiki
- Pick one of my Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards (Yes, I love these kind of things because help me to keep positive and focus on my intentions)

SO, not surprise with the card I got today:

Guess what this little girl will be doing during the weekend???

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Lisa Jane said...

: ) Feel we have quite a lot in common. I pick up angel cards and sort of meditate.