Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally :)

FINALLY. Valentina has a blog. After months thinking I decide to face my fear and create my blog. I’m pretty silly but honestly I was (I’m) afraid rude people will write bad commentaries base in my “not at all” good English… but I’m here no matter what other people think. I honestly trust people will be kind and sweet, right? Just come and enjoy my journey. Is going to be fun!
OK. Basically this wonderful Blog is to write down my experience as a designer, artist, friend, partner, etc living in a foreign country. Hmmm… that sound funny… I’m from Venezuela, and really Miami is not that far (and almost everybody speaks Spanish…).

This is short because I have been hours trying to design this simple blog and now I’m tired!
I’ll tell you later about my believes and the new greats plans I have for this year… In the meantime just check my Etsy Shop and see the new things I’m working on.
Come back, ok?


Jules said...

If anyone should dare leave you a nasty commentary based on your english, please feel free to email me for plenty of ideas on what you can say in return.

I love your notebooks! In fact, I just bought one. :)

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks Jules!
You Rock ;)