Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In my mind

I have a lot of things in my mind. Sometimes (ALWAYS) I found pretty difficult to concentrate in one project because I’m working/thinking in thousand of projects at the same time.
This week I want to focus my mind and energy in:

1.- Work in my Italy Collages. I always have been INLOVE with Italy. ALWAYS. Right now I have in my table some little collages about one of my goals/dreams. ITALY
2.- Work my Inspirational Journals Project. REALLY important
3.- Work in my OWN art Journal ;)
4.- Plan my perfect/dream studio.

Hopefully, this week I will show you the work in progress.
In the meantime enjoy this wonderful Flickr Inspirations. Fantastic, right??

1.Monte Sant'Angelo - Provincia de Foggia, 2. Vista de cima dos livrinhos, 3. Livrinho, 4. HPIM8175, 5. paint.and.print, 6. New Additions - Dungeness Open Studio 1, 7. Autumn in Montone, Italy, 8. Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy, 9. art studio I like, 10. Art Journal Page on canvas (GONE), 11. Calligraphy and doodling - 3, 12. Flowers or Not Front Cover 2

AND… here a sneak peek at what is on my table:

See you tomorrow!

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