Thursday, June 9, 2011

Organizing, deciding, planning and selling...


Yesterday I took ALL the original drawings I have on paper (different kinds of papers) and I made little piles. Some are ready for sale, some are going to stay with me forever ;) and some will need some cool tricks and twists to go to my shop soon. I was really surprise of the amount of art work there. Some of the drawings are made in really tick 9x12 watercolor papers with only black ink, and those are super to play with. I will take those drawings and work backwards, NOW I will add the color using acrylic, watercolors, crayons or markers. I don’t know how is going to work but I guess it is going to be fun!

Here some of the drawings I have ready to live in other sweet home.
If you want to see more pictures or details or if you have questions, send me an email, OK?

- Life is Good.
Original drawing. Pen and ink on 9x12 (approx) watercolor paper.


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- Green Circles
Original drawing. Ink and acrylic on watercolor paper. Image size 6.5 x 4.5 (approx) The drawing come with a black 8x10 mat | $25
(shipping included)

- Live your Dream
Original drawing. Pen and ink on 9.5 x 7 (approx) watercolor paper

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Happy Thursday!


moxiemandie said...

So fun!! They're all beautiful!

Veronica Slater presents said...

Hello Valentina! After falling down an internet rabbit hole, I found your blog and love it. Will be following! Just love your creations :)! Veronica