Monday, June 6, 2011

June Goals

Dear June... I'm really happy you are here. May was really stressful and I'm happy to just leave you in the past with all those medical issues too. Bye Bye May!
June, you had a serious rocky start, but I have big hopes for you, so please, work with me, OK?

Well, last Wednesday I was working in my fabulous June To do list, you know, that list where you write down all the great things you want to do, like do more artwork, update shops, create more fabrics, contact more companies, rock the world, etc...
But after a couple of not happy incidents, I decided to keep that list next to me, but don't take it so serious. Life is AWESOME but it's uncertain too. Soo... I decide to create a more realistic list of things I'll do this month. And June it's going to be GREAT.

My June to do's list ;)

Happy Monday!

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