Monday, June 13, 2011

It's going to be a great week ;)

I don't know you, but I woke up full of energy and with zillion of ideas in my brain. Awesome! Hopefully the energies and the productivity vibes are going to be high the whole week. Did you hear me Universe??? energy + productivity, that is my sweet request for the week... Ahhh and also, please, I want KNOW my dear husband is having a super duper great positive checkup at the doctor today, ok? That is MUY importante, ok?
Well, because I know the Universe is listing my sweet request, I have to do my part too and work and be proactive and all those awesome things.
and look... I have been doing my part! Here 3 cool things to share with you ;)

1.- I have some cool new artwork totally ready in my shop with names and everything!
Here is "Azure Treasure" (original painting on 8x8 canvas)

Azure Treasure, original painting on 8x8 canvas

Azure Treasure (details)

You want to buy the original? Click here!

and here is Born to Fly (original painting on 8x8 canvas)

Born to Fly, original painting on 8x8 canvas

Born to Fly (details)

And here the link to my shop ;)

2.- I just added to my shop the print "Moo" and "Sitting Buddha" printed on canvas material. Each one measure 11x14 and I think they look pretty cool.

Check my shop!


3.- Mr. Harper and I went to the mall yesterday and of course I had to do a couple of very important stops. First, to check The Elephant at Urban Outfitters and after that, Barnes and Noble to see my blog banner in the Banners We Love in the summer edition of Artful Blogging! Yeahhhh :)

The Elephant at Urban Outfitters

My blog banner

Happy Monday!


Lorrie said...

Fabulous and gorgeous work as always hun. Well done on the banner feature in Artful Blogging. Shame we don't get this magazine in the UK.

michelle allen said...

super cool to see your work at urban outfitters and in artful blogging! congratulations!!!