Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New things are coming…


I have a cute little pile of canvases ready to paint. As you can see I don’t use gesso to prepare my canvases. I use old school paper-mache. The texture is awesome, at least to me!
I have been a little bit distracted lately and I totally miss painting. But I feel my mojo is coming back and I’m ready to tackle tons of new things and projects.
I believe if you want to receive and create new things you have to create space for those things. And I’m talking in “open space” mentally and physically. New things are coming… It’s going to be fun ;) A few things have to go to open space for the new projects.

You want to get some of my Original Artwork? For a few days, I’ll post one piece for sale!

Today, we have this Coi. This is an original painting on 8x10 canvas.

Other Coi

Other Coi details

Coi: $105 + $10 Shipping

You can also check the SRING SALE section on my Etsy shop. You will find more cool things ;)

Come back tomorrow for other daily sale and to check my submission for the Spoonflower weekly contest! The theme was “Black and White”. Lovely theme...

See you tomorrow!


Sara said...

Amazing work!
Thank you for keeping me inspired!:.

inra hardiana said...